Monday, May 2, 2011


Between University City and St. Louis County, law enforcement are discussing adding security cameras in the Delmar Loop. This may take time and money but they have to do something to make this area safe from thugs and crooks. When people can't even eat outside without getting something stolen, there is a problem.

On our free security forum for St.Louis there is several people saying they will not go in to this area until something is done. I don't blame them. Keep our families safe, add security cameras in St. Louis County.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


This was scary to say the least. I am so glad their were no deaths in the St. Louis storm. I did notice on the security camera that caught the storm when the lights went out I couldn't see anything. That just let me know that this was not a night vision security camera.

Please watch this video link to News Channel 5 from St. Louis. Very scary for sure.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Another dumb crook caught on security cameras in St. Louis. I read this on new5 in St. Louis. It's bad enough when homes get broken into, but this bank robbing stuff is crazy. You know this thug would just shoot you if you don't give him the money. If I worked in a bank or retail store and was getting robbed I would give them the money as fast as possible without a doubt. Please read more at ksdk.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This new, free forum is to help local area people decide what they need and don't need. This is a free forum. Ask questions and get answers.

Don't forget to drop by our site - see what we can offer you in terms of security equipment and installation. We offer great small business service.

Monday, April 11, 2011


When it comes to security alarm systems, there are quite a few that you have to choose from. It all depends on what kind of security you may need and want.

When choosing an alarm system, many people think about who they’re trying to protect and its value. This is a good idea and will surely give you an idea of what kind of security alarm and or security cameras you should be looking for in the St. Louis & St. Charles area.

A residential alarm may be just what you’re looking for. It’s one of the more basic kinds of security systems. When it comes to these alarms, a lot of people make the choice of purchasing a regular burglar alarm. This is a popular choice because it is easy to install and use.

Some people would rather have a little more protection than this, so they decide to go with something that is a little more advanced. Security cameras and security alarms are separate devices and can be integrated together but at a very high cost and it is better to leave these devices separate.

See our forum to ask questions and seek advice.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Varieties of Fire Alarm System

The first type of system is for residential applications where there are two main types of fire detection equipment: smoke detectors and heat detectors. Smoke detectors are more widely used and heat detectors are used in certain environments, such as garages, due to their lack of sensitivity to changes in temperature and dust.

The two types of smoke detectors that Eye Spy Electronics uses are photoelectric and ionization. Photoelectric devices detect smoke particles in the air by bouncing light off of the particles. Less expensive ionic devices work by ionizing the air in the detection chamber and measuring the voltage across the chamber. When smoke enters the chamber, the voltage level drops and is detected.

Typically photoelectric detectors are more responsive to the type of smoke emitted from burning household items. The smoke is actually a little bit darker in home fires. Heat detectors are not typically used as life safety devices for evacuation purposes, but are used more commonly for property protection.

Why Install a Fire Alarm in Your Home?

The biggest reason for having a fire alarm installed is for life safety protection. You want to make sure that, in the event of a fire, your family and can get out of the home with ample time. Fire alarms are also used for property protection.

The time it would take for a neighbor to see smoke coming out of your house is drastically longer than the amount of time it would take for a fire alarm to go off. The fire department can be notified much more quickly if there is a fire alarm installed and we all know that in the

Benefits of an Eye Spy Electronics Fire Alarm System

When you have a fire alarm system installed by Eye Spy Electronics, there are several benefits in addition to smoke detection. Many of us have smoke detectors in our homes already that are typically battery operated. And we’ve probably all had the low battery signal chirping at us from time to time in the middle of the night. Smoke detectors are controlled from our main control panel. The battery resides in the panel and one single battery runs the entire system. Your alarm panel will recognize when the battery is getting low making maintenance much more user-friendly.

Another advantage to St. Louis/Eye Spy Electroncs is that we have alarm monitoring available. Fire alarms work really well beeping and squeaking and getting everybody out of the house, but if you do have a fire and there is no one home to hear the beeping and squeaking, then the fire will burn longer – until a neighbor notices the smoke. If your fire alarm system is monitored by a central station, we gain the ability to respond to an alarm even if no one is home.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

The second type of system is for commercial applications. The detection devices that we use are similar to residential equipment; however, there are a few additions. Pull stations are manual action devices usually located by building exits that will trigger the fire alarm. Horn strobes are also used for audible notification of fire alarm. This is biggest difference between a residential and a commercial fire alarm: evacuation and notification. These warnings use horn strobes, sounders and voice-command evacuation depending upon local, state national, or other governing agency requirements.

We install and service two types of commercial systems: required and non-required. Certain buildings being constructed or remodeled are automatically required to have a fire system installed. These required systems have to go through submissions with the fire department to be approved.

Two types of required systems are partial and full. Partial systems allow for only partial coverage in certain areas of the building. For example, you may not be required to place alarms in private offices where individual alarm systems could be installed. Full coverage is just that; every required room usually within a 30-foot space must have a smoke detector. This can lead to needing a very large system very quickly.

Even if a building isn’t required to have a fire alarm installed, most property owners choose to purchase a system that will help protect lives and property and that may even help decrease their insurance costs.

Another advantage to Eye Spy fire alarms is having monitoring available for commercial applications. We can monitor suppression systems, such as sprinkler or chemical fire suppression systems, along with your fire detection system.

Vesda Fire Alarm Systems

Eye Spy Electronics Fire & Security has also deployed VESDA fire alarms. VESDA stands for “Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus.” Rather than being a reactive system that waits for smoke to reach the detector, this system constantly samples the air by piping it back to the main sensor so it can be processed. VESDA is much more effective for very sensitive applications, such as computer server rooms, theaters or other large spaces.



A Video Door Intercom System

A video door intercom system in St.Louis installed inside a building enables you to communicate with people in the other rooms. Wireless door intercom systems that are equipped for two-way communication, lets you speak to visitors on the other side of the door without having to open it.

St.Louis security cameras and intercom cameras!

Types of video door intercom system

A video door intercom system is easy to install because there are no wires to cut, join or install in the house or at office. In fact, you can start using these systems immediately after plugging them in an electrical power source. Let’s take a look at some of the various types of wireless door intercoms.

1. Door Intercom: Wireless intercom systems offering two-door station units and one master unit are available and are useful in establishments with two entrances. Some users prefer wireless intercom systems that offer a one-door station unit and two master units. The door station unit is shared by two users, each using a master unit of their own.

2. Video Wireless Intercoms: Wireless door intercom systems equipped with a video camera can also be used to identify a visitor. When a visitor presses the doorbell button, it activates the camera which starts taking images of the visitor. The camera is connected to the door station unit. The door station unit sends these images to the master station, where you can view them on a screen while talking to the visitor. This system works as if it is a wireless security camera that is capable of handling conversations as well.

3. Baby Monitor: A type of one-way intercoms are called baby monitors,
which are used to monitor babies. These are installed near the baby’s crib and is sensitive to audio. Whenever a sleeping child makes a noise, the intercom signals an alert.

4. Outdoor Wireless Intercoms: Wireless intercoms can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Outdoor wireless intercoms have an effective range of up to 4 miles. The master unit is installed in the house or office. On a field trip, you can use a hand-held, outdoor wireless intercom unit, so you can talk to your assistant at the office, or any person in your house to keep yourself informed.

Wireless instruments such as cordless phones, wireless data networks or audio speakers in offices or households and electrical instruments, such as motors, can interfere with your wireless intercom system.Whenever you use a video door intercom system, radio signals are transmitted back and forth between the door or master unit. These radio signals can be captured using a scanner. A scanner is a radio device that is used to receive radio signals and can be used to eavesdrop on one’s conversation.

Wireless instruments that operate on the same radio frequency, as your wireless intercom can be used for listening to conversations. There are some intercoms that use 900 MHz radio frequency band to transmit and receive radio signals. These intercoms use digital technology to make listening into your conversation difficult.

The installation of video door intercom system for apartments can deter or prevent burglary, so that you can enjoy the safety of your home and family forever. Please call or email for information.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 Ideal Tips for Buying Surveillance Cameras at Discounts Prices

Security in St.Louis is a prime concern the world over. Homes and shops are equipped with state-of-art surveillance systems that include: cameras, monitors, recorders, and cabling to name just a few needs.

Before buying a surveillance camera and its peripherals you need to evaluate your needs and study the local laws about installing security cameras. There are surveillance systems available online and offline at a wide range of costs but buyers need to be aware that low-quality components will not provide adequate security. In general surveys indicate that a complete system should cost USD 500-USD 1000 per camera. One can consider a whole range of surveillance products: fake security cameras; covert surveillance cameras; wireless security cameras; wired surveillance cameras; night vision security cameras; and home surveillance cameras.

Before buying a surveillance system you must:

1. Read all about security surveillance and evaluate your needs. Think whether you should spend large sums of money to solve minor problems.

2. Make a list of what components would best suit your purpose. Know what to look for in a workable surveillance system.

3. Log onto the internet and browse through surveillance products and note down their price as well as features.

4. Visit others who have surveillance systems installed and find out what their experience has been.

5. Read reviews of surveillance products to get familiar with cameras and peripherals.

6. Get quotes both online and offline and make comparisons of costs as well as installation and maintenance.

7. Ask about warranties and possibilities of upgrading the surveillance system in future.

8. Check about live feeds over the internet and recoding needs too. Picture quality is another aspect that needs careful thought. Cheaper cameras will give unclear or fuzzy pictures and the surveillance will be useless.

9. Follow the law always and do not record audio as its illegal.

10. Buy from reliable stores and not from here today gone tomorrow outfits. Since a security system is a long-term investment it is best to buy from a reliable vendor.

It is important to buy surveillance camera and peripherals of superior quality and function. There are many online stores that offer surveillance cameras at great discounts. Often as promos accessories are offered at lower prices if a person chooses to buy a surveillance camera and accessory package. So survey the costs carefully online and offline and think about the advantages of buying a system from an auction site. Another possibility is buying a second hand surveillance system that has been refurbished and comes with guarantees.

With constant innovations surveillance cameras now come with in built intelligence and can detect suspicious behavior before a crime is committed. Surveillance equipment is widely used in public places, homes, offices, government buildings, and banks. Most surveillance cameras feed live video to control rooms that are monitored by security personnel. There are cameras that can detect gun shots and facial expressions too! So when buying a system consider advancements in technology, price, adaptability with local security systems, and the law.

Thanks to Dave at Eye Spy Electronics for contributing this article to our Surveillance blog:

 Surveillance Cameras , is the premier website to find surveillance cameras, wireless surveillance cameras, home surveillance cameras, wireless home surveillance cameras, digital surveillance cameras and many more. Please phone for information on security in St.Louis.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Crime Statistics St.Louis

You can see for yourself, these alarming crime numbers for St.Louis on the rise. We need to install more security cameras in St.Louis to slow this crime wave down. I don't think this will stop all crime but sure to bring this terrible number down. When your town is ranked in the top crime numbers something is wrong and someone needs to do something to help bring this crime down. St.Louis is not safe!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Security Monitoring St.Louis and St.Charles MO

With home security alarm monitoring:
Please look for a company that has a monitoring station that is UL Listed.
I would also reccommend find a company that would know you by your name and not a number.
Many of the larger name companies are just looking to get a customer locked up into a long term contract. When all said and done this could be three to five years. If you sign one of these contracts, you have to buy out to get released from the contract. You are way better off paying for the equipment and the install and not doing any contracts. Now if you don't like the service you are getting you can change monitoring companies without it costing you a arm and a leg. Please do your research before going with a company to install and monitoring your home or business security alarm in St.Charles or St.Louis, MO.
Thank you for reading
Eye Spy Electronics

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home Wiring

Please keep in mind that home wiring can mean security alarm, home theatre, home automation, AMX touch panel and controls, phone systems, networking, security cameras, intercoms and more. Think anything low voltage. We provide sales, service and installation in St.Louis and St.Charles, MO. Security Cameras St.Louis

Nutone Home Intercom Replacement

I have notice that Nutone has discontinued many models. We keep getting phone calls from customers to repair or replace Nutone in St.Charles and St.Louis MO. Well Nutone has left us out. We cannot buy what is not being made anymore. You may find these on the Internet but watch buying the Nutone intercoms. I have found Intrasonic to be a great replacement at a decent cost. The only bad thing is all of the room stations have to be replaced. Kind of like a Chevy starter will not work on a Ford.
Please call for information to replace your Nutone Intercom.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Security St.Louis/St.Charles, MO

While a good burglar alarm system is a good step in the direction of personal safety for you and your family and your belongings, first make sure you have tightened security in other ways. Make sure all locks have strong kick plates. Make sure alll windows and doors are always locked. Make sure you have good lighting for the entire perimeter of your residence. The cost of installing a home security system is usually zero, but the monthly service charges add up quickly. If you feel comfortable with the responsibility, I suggest a reliable firearm, either a shotgun or a revolver and an investment of a firearms safety class and a bi monthly trip to the range. Otherwise, visit your local police department and ask the sergeant for more information.Read more:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Every city has their areas of high crime and, for the most part, people tend to avoid them when they can. Police in these areas are also on high alert and tend to patrol these areas more frequently than others. However, the police cannot be everywhere at once which means, unfortunately, that crimes still happen in these areas and more frequently than anybody wants.

However, in one particular neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri that has been denoted as a "high crime area" by local authorities a solution may be coming along that could lower the crime rate in the area and may help put some of the more persistent criminals behind bars.

A video surveillance system is set to be installed in a St. Louis neighborhood as part of attempts to hinder drug dealing and related assaults. Over the course of several weeks, security cameras will be placed along Natural Bridge as well as Lee Avenue in the 21st ward of St. Louis, an area the alderman calls a "freeway of drug activity".

This particular neighborhood in St. Louis saw almost 1,100 crimes last year alone which included over a dozen murders. The area's alderman Antonio French told local radio stations that although the area is primarily known for its drug related problems the deaths are a bigger concern. According to French, "It's really the violent crime that we're most concerned with. We've had more than our fair share of the city's murders happen in our neighborhood."

French also noted that this move towards security cameras was born out of requests from the residents. "In high crime areas like this folks have really been screaming for the cameras," he said. The main focus of the city is most certainly the safety of the citizens and if the citizens want security cameras installed to deter crime, then the city is intent on giving it to them.
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