Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Security Monitoring St.Louis and St.Charles MO

With home security alarm monitoring:
Please look for a company that has a monitoring station that is UL Listed.
I would also reccommend find a company that would know you by your name and not a number.
Many of the larger name companies are just looking to get a customer locked up into a long term contract. When all said and done this could be three to five years. If you sign one of these contracts, you have to buy out to get released from the contract. You are way better off paying for the equipment and the install and not doing any contracts. Now if you don't like the service you are getting you can change monitoring companies without it costing you a arm and a leg. Please do your research before going with a company to install and monitoring your home or business security alarm in St.Charles or St.Louis, MO.
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