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Protect People And Assets With Advanced Digital Video Solutions

Digital video surveillance tools are paramount to combating employee theft and shoplifting, as well as organized retail crime. Cameras and “public view” monitors are powerful deterrents to casual shoplifters and employee theft, especially when integrated into other loss prevention systems.

Our advanced video platforms go beyond loss prevention to support store operations and merchandising through remote access to live and recorded video. They gather people-count, POS and other types of data, and generate exception events based on activity in a camera’s field of view. The latest systems work in conjunction with EAS and other loss prevention systems to deliver a comprehensive solution to fight all types of shrink.

What if your system could play video and a voice recording as a shopper with a live tag from another retailer enters your store?

What if that same system could offer a different message, different video and different alarm as another shopper was leaving the store with an improperly deactivated tag, or with stolen merchandise?

It can – ask us how.

By connecting with other systems, you can more efficiently capture and retrieve specific incidents to determine what’s truly happening in your stores. You can bookmark video whenever certain doors are opened after hours or trigger a video recording when specially tagged merchandise is moved from one area of the store to another. If you’re using MetalPoint booster bag detection system, you can capture footage of suspected boosters and quickly distribute it to alert other locations.

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Protect Lives And Property

Retail assets in Missouri, and nationwide, are at risk 24 hours a day. Fire/life safety and intrusion alarm system work around the clock to aid in the protection of property, employees and customers. Professional monitoring and dispatch services ensure a quick response at any time of the day or night, should a problem occur.

Fire and intrusion alarms can:

- Enhance safety and security.
- Monitor store opening and closing procedures.
- Deter break-ins.
- Interface with energy management systems to maximize cost savings.
- Alert employees to daytime events – such as fire exit use.
- Alert authorities and store personnel of unauthorized access.
- Provide early warnings of dangerous smoke and fire conditions.
- Control multiple independent areas, such as receiving docks and cash offices.

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Bank Security

Security To Fit Every Banking Need

Eye Spy Electronics offers a full line of high-quality banking security equipment including physical, transaction, electronic and service solutions.Our security products and services include:

- Physical security products, vaults, safes, night depositories
- Transaction security products, drive-in windows, drawers, remote D.I.
- Electronic security products, alarms, CCTV, access control
- UL-certified central station monitoring
- Knowledgeable, consultative security sales service team
- State-of-the-art customizable public view monitor systems
- SafeGARD automated safe deposit box system
- Security entry portals
- ATMs
- Flexible, nationwide project management of security installs
- Custom-tailored security systems
- NICET-certified CCTV/burglary/fire design services
- Dedicated technical support
- Experienced service organization for all security products

More information on video security for your bank at 1-877-821-4880

Missouri Retail Monitoring

The only 24/7 monitoring service dedicated to the retail industry
Count on the retail monitoring center for ultra-reliable alarm dispatching and related call center services. Whether you're securing a new facility or converting existing locations, has decades of experience in meeting the unique monitoring needs of retailers. It is also Five Diamond Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association.
UL-listed retail monitoring center is staffed with certified, experienced operators and offers:
Round-the-clock monitoring for your retail locations
Complete user, passcode and schedule management for intrusion alarm systems
24-hour technical support
Customized dispatch and notification procedures
Alerts by email, SMS and telephone
Fully supervised store openings and closings
Secure online access to reports and real-time data using Passport – a
Video verification and enterprise network systems
Support of a full range of platforms and technologies
Alarm training programs
New ways to combat theft and deter shrink
Of course you’ll be notified if a major event, such as a fire or burglary dispatch, occurs. But CheckView goes above and beyond to deliver value-added services. Do you want a store manager notified if the receiving dock door opens at an unauthorized time? Or if the power supply to your EAS or video system is shut off? CheckView can tailor your monitoring services to your specifications, and help you identify and address security and policy breaches before they grow into bigger problems.

Security St.Louis/St.Charles, MO

Since there is always a chance of improper activity in places like shopping malls, public schools, warehouses, parking garages, airport terminals and offices, these places are the ones mostly investing on surveillance equipment. A wide variety of such equipment are available in the market with highly developed technology.
Surveillance equipment mostly combines audio and video data transfer and may range from Internet based equipment and wiretapping phone to biometrics (advanced facial aspect identification computer software).
The recent development of 'wireless' technology has its own set of problems. The wireless devices transmit information either by radio waves or infrared light, which can be intercepted. Therefore, such devices are not reliable regarding the transfer of important information.
Surveillance equipment is used to record conversation or acts, but these are possible also on a normal recording machine. Some options are:
• Clandestine miniature devices linked to a small microphone, externally mounted to pick up the audio.
• Digital gadgets like minidisk recorders or the most recent diminutive camcorders are small enough to be carried easily, but produce very high quality recordings.
• The common ones encountered at offices for monitoring staff are usually perched from a ceiling.
• The most advanced ultra-directional microphones, or parabolic microphones can be used to overhear conversations from a hundred meters away or more.
• Extreme clarity is possible only via a laser microphone, which are again, expensive and highly technical to operate.
• Since mobile phones nowadays can record both audio and video, therefore they can be used as surveillance equipment as well.
Surveillance equipment normally emit radio waves, however the more sophisticated ones are not dependant on Radio Waves and are extremely hard to detect. The only way to detect them is by using sensitive gear to seek out magnetic fields, or the common electrical 'noise'. Another way would be to use sensitive infrared cameras for identifying waste heat of a Surveillance equipment.
Gone are the days of the private eye, now you can get information yourself via these fascinating surveillance equipment. Finally, the best benefit these devices afford is that they are successful in doing away with the incentive to commit crime. Since a person’s inclination to commit crime is decreased once he/she is aware that someone is there to keep an eye on him/her.

Interesting Home Security Facts:

Some systems are dedicated to one mission, others handle fire, intrusion, and safety alarms simultaneously.
Hybrid systems utilize both wired and wireless sensors to achieve the benefits of both.
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What Type of Alarm System Fits You Best?
Protection against home invaders can be accomplished by having the homeowner work directly with a home security firm who will insure the safety of the family as well as their possessions. Specialists in home security understand the needs of homeowners to feel secure while in their own home and have the experience and expertise to provide that needed protection. Whether they are used to install a local alarm, install a system that notifies an alarm center or uses foot and mobile patrols around the neighborhood will be determined by the level of service desired as well as the surrounding neighborhood. Of course a home security service will offer to answer any alarms and they’ll usually attempt to get a hold of someone at the protected property.
In those cases when they can’t reach anyone by phone to confirm the security code, they will notify the police or other respondents. Most of the time, the security company can contact police, fire or ambulance and provide specific information about an alarm. Of course this makes it possible to protect the home and the people in it, but it also helps prevent false alarms. If a home is responsible for an inordinate amount of false alarms, the community may have the right to impose a fine on the homeowner or even the alarm service company.
There are several home security services that offer the alarm equipment free provided the homeowner agrees to a monitoring contract. It’s not uncommon for security companies to do a home analysis and provide recommendations on securing your home.
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Most alarm systems, even the best ones, can be defeated by professional thieves, but with a good survey and the proper equipment, the chance of a break-in are greatly diminished. Not all security companies are alike so choose a professional – one that can identify the most sensitive areas of your home. Living in the country away from neighbors can put you at greater risk of a break-in since there wouldn’t be anyone to see a potential burglar trying to compromise your security. Experts at a home security services company can offer guidance as to where detectors will have the most effect at hindering a potential burglar. Of course, homeowners want to be certain that the home security services company they choose is an honest one and not just a front for a burglary ring.