Sunday, October 31, 2010

Protect Lives And Property

Retail assets in Missouri, and nationwide, are at risk 24 hours a day. Fire/life safety and intrusion alarm system work around the clock to aid in the protection of property, employees and customers. Professional monitoring and dispatch services ensure a quick response at any time of the day or night, should a problem occur.

Fire and intrusion alarms can:

- Enhance safety and security.
- Monitor store opening and closing procedures.
- Deter break-ins.
- Interface with energy management systems to maximize cost savings.
- Alert employees to daytime events – such as fire exit use.
- Alert authorities and store personnel of unauthorized access.
- Provide early warnings of dangerous smoke and fire conditions.
- Control multiple independent areas, such as receiving docks and cash offices.

Contact 1-877-821-4880 for more information on fire and intrusion alarm systems.

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