Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Understanding the Basics of Security for your Home and Business

Almost Every Ademco Home Security System Includes: Control Panel - Control Panels are considered the “brains” of your System. The type and model Panel that you select determines the capacity, functionality and ability to add enhancements. Keypad - Keypads are the place that your System is programmed. The Keypad is the unit that is usually attached to a wall and is used to “arm” and “disarm” your System. It is the place that you use to control the different functions of your System, such as selecting Police, Fire or Emergency Personnel when the System is triggered. Siren - Sirens are exactly what they appear to be. They are the loud audible warning device intended to alert you to a breach of your Home, fire or other programmed event. Motion Detector - Motion Detectors are the units that sense movement in your Home when armed. The movement of an intruder inside your home will trigger your Security System. There are various Motion Detectors designed to allow pets of different sizes to roam your Home without triggering an alarm. Door and Window Contacts. Door and Window Contacts, “Contacts”, are the magnetic contacts that are located at doors and windows to trigger your alarm when they are activated. They are activated by the opening of doors and windows. Contacts form miniature “electrical circuits” that are triggered when the circuit is broken. Smoke Detectors - Smoke Detectors are Sensors that are activated by Smoke, or in some cases, by an unusual rise in temperature. Once triggered, Smoke Detectors will trigger a Security Siren and, if installed, send a signal to a central monitoring system to summon the Fire Department. Glass Break Detectors - Glass Break Detectors, “Glassbreaks”, are similar to a Smoke Detector, but are triggered by the Sound of broken glass. They are also used to trigger an alarm or summon Emergency Assistance. Panic Buttons - Panic Buttons are small buttons that can be installed in strategic locations such as “bedside” or near a door, or they can be found on Hand Held Devices such as Key Fobs. They are used to provide you with an extremely fast method of summoning Emergency Personnel such as Police, Fire or Medical Assistance. When located on a Key Fob, they are pocket sized and can be kept on your person, in a pocket or purse. Closed Circuit TV - Closed Circuit TVs, “CCTVs”, are Television Systems designed to visually monitor and/or record, by Cameras, areas that you select. They can be used inside or outside your home. CCTV Systems are available with offsite internet capabilities. These types of Systems allow you to monitor your Home from anyplace in the world where you have internet access. Central Monitoring Station - Central Monitoring Stations are monitoring companies that receive electronic signals from your Security System when it is triggered. Monitoring Stations operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. These stations, upon receipt of the triggered electronic signal, summon the appropriate Emergency Personnel based upon the programmed signal. These include Police, Fire and Medical Personnel. Keep in mind devices can be added to fit your home or business. Provided by: Eye Spy Electronics and More in MO 877-821-4880

Thursday, November 25, 2010

CCTV neccessity in Missouri childcare centers

New video surveillance is a necessity in childcare centers these days as they not only keep the children safe from injuries, accidents and other mishaps but also help to monitor their growth and development. Today childcare centers are a second home to children who have working parents. Deployment of CCTV cameras by childcare centers gives the parents a peace of mind and allows them to remotely view their children's daily activities. Furthermore, remote viewing facility that allows parents to view their child even from a distant location can definitely enhance the business of child care centers. I would not take my children to a day care unless they have security cameras. I would want a security camera system that can be viewed any where with internet connection including my I Phone with a free app. The day Care could even charge the parents that want this service. I would pay to know my children are safe.

Remote Surveillance Provides Security

Remote surveillance systems also allow owners and managers to monitor activities at a day care, and ensure employee safety. It can be a cruel world, and sometimes abductions, and even robberies occur at day cares, so it is essential to keep not only the children, but employees safe. Day cares usually close around 7 p.m., and for the employees who have to walk out of the building, it can be a stressful time if they are dealing with a bad neighborhood. Thankfully, with surveillance system in place, they know that criminals are being deterred and if something does happen, someone will be calling the police within seconds if the system is being monitored live. Remote viewing technology means that parents and owners can be the eyes in the sky at a daycare, and daycare workers can take comfort knowing that if something does happen, that they will be protected and watched over. St.Louis, St.Charles, MO

Security Cameras

Day cares are supposed to be fun and positive atmospheres. To keep it that way, security cameras are being installed at day cares to ensure complete safety for the children. With security cameras and a surveillance DVR recorder, the day care owners are able to monitor the children and know if anything is amiss. We aren't just talking about abduction, which is a fear for any parent, but we are also talking about children wandering off, or getting injured. With someone actively monitoring the cameras they can see a child in danger and be able to respond quickly. They can also alert day care staff about the child wandering off and have someone get the child before it is too late. Also, with video surveillance also being recorded,old footage can be reviewed at any time to review past events that took place. Security cameras are used to keep us safe in stores and out in the street, so why are they not used to keep our children safe in day care? Luckily, more and more day cares are adding security cameras to their facilities for this very reason. With so many dangers in the world, keeping an eye on the children through security cameras is becoming more and more important with every single passing day. St.Louis, St.Charles, O'Fallon, St.Peters, MO eyespyelectronicsDay__

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Small Business Security is Key

Small Business Security CamerasSmall business owners have a lot of things they need to worry about, especially in today's economy. Anybody who has ever tried to run a small business knows that creating a profitable business is hard and can even be fairly expensive. Because of the woes pressed on many small business owners, why should they become the victim of theft or even feel the need to worry about it?

It has been noted that property crimes have been declining recently but 1 out of every 8 small businesses falls victim to theft or burglary. Small businesses face and even greater threat to their safety due to the fact that they are more likely to be a target. Many thieves target small businesses as opposed to larger ones because they perceive small businesses to be easier to rip off.

Businesses, big and small, already do a lot to prevent internal theft with background conviction checks, past employment verification and employee education but to get a true sense of complete security the only way to go seems to be a security camera system. Security cameras have proven to be a strong deterrent to criminal activity surrounding businesses where they are set, both with internal and external crimes.

Most people think twice about committing a crime when a visible security camera is noticed. The fact that there could be concrete, physical evidence of their crime is something most criminals do not think twice about messing with. Employees are also less likely to commit employee theft or vandalism if they perceive that they will be caught.

However, even though a lot of criminals will pass your business up if it has security cameras installed, there are the bold ones out there who could care less about your security camera system and will rob you blind without a second thought, security camera system or not. The positive side to this is that if a criminal is dumb enough to commit a crime in view of a fully functional security camera system it makes it a whole lot easier to identify the person and even makes it easier to recover your stolen property.

The best thing about a small business security camera system is that they come in a wide range of styles, models, packages and prices. Small business owners can get a very basic security camera system installed for $1,000. But if you want top notch equipment then you can get that too, for a higher price mind you. An average security camera system will run you anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 and can be a CCTV or IP Security Camera System allowing you to view your security camera feed anywhere you have internet access.

Bullet Security Cameras and Dome Security Cameras, two of the most popular types, can start as low as $80 for a black and white camera and $150 for a full color camera. Lenses come in a variety of different sizes ranging from 2.5mm to 500mm and most lenses can be changed at will with little or no problem whatsoever. For people who need to cover varying angles but don't want or need multiple cameras, a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera is perfect as it allows users to remotely move the camera to view any and all viewing angles.

Protection is key for any business owner, especially small business owners who may be having to be careful financial as it is. The last thing they need to worry about is trying to replace expensive equipment that has been stolen. Improve your business security now before it is too late by getting a security camera system that has the potential to deter and even catch criminals that are trying to rip you off.

For more Missouri Small Business Security Camera systems and news, visit Eye Spy Electronics, St. Louis' premiere security camera professionals.

Monday, November 15, 2010

St.Louis/St.Charles Home Pre-wiring homes are wired for only basic services like electricity, telephone, and limited cable TV. It's not enough to take advantage of new technologies. Eye Spy Electronics can install a home wiring network that connects all the rooms in your home to a central location. From there, services like telephone, fax, and high speed internet can be routed to any room. Conveniences like satellite, digital cable, and closed circuit TV can be enjoyed wherever you choose. And because the home wiring networks we install have the future in mind, new technologies like interactive TV, digital television, and video-on-demand can easily be make part of your home and your lifestyle. Computer Network AdvantagesA computer network lets you share files, pictures, and music between computers. Great for synchronizing your laptop and desktop computers. It also lets all of your computers share high speed Internet access from services like cable modems or DSL. A printer in one room can be shared with all of the other computers in the home.More and more new devices are coming with a network connection and the ability to add more features if they are connected to a home network with Internet access. New devices like movie and music servers and hard drive based digital video recorders (DVRs) use Internet connections to retrieve program guides, video on demand (VOD) services, table of contents info and cover art as well as automatic software updates.How it worksComputer Network jacks are located throughout your home and can be on the same wall plates as your phone or TV outlets. High-speed data cable is run from each wall plate to a central panel located in a utility room or basement mechanical room. Individual cables are plugged into a network hub or switch. These devices create the link between the computers, printers, and the Internet access devices (like your cable modem or DSL modem). The individuals computers and devices are configured to "talk" to each other over the network. The jacks on the wall plates can also serve wireless access points (WAPs) so that portable devices like laptop computers can share the network services and devices.