Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Understanding the Basics of Security for your Home and Business

Almost Every Ademco Home Security System Includes: Control Panel - Control Panels are considered the “brains” of your System. The type and model Panel that you select determines the capacity, functionality and ability to add enhancements. Keypad - Keypads are the place that your System is programmed. The Keypad is the unit that is usually attached to a wall and is used to “arm” and “disarm” your System. It is the place that you use to control the different functions of your System, such as selecting Police, Fire or Emergency Personnel when the System is triggered. Siren - Sirens are exactly what they appear to be. They are the loud audible warning device intended to alert you to a breach of your Home, fire or other programmed event. Motion Detector - Motion Detectors are the units that sense movement in your Home when armed. The movement of an intruder inside your home will trigger your Security System. There are various Motion Detectors designed to allow pets of different sizes to roam your Home without triggering an alarm. Door and Window Contacts. Door and Window Contacts, “Contacts”, are the magnetic contacts that are located at doors and windows to trigger your alarm when they are activated. They are activated by the opening of doors and windows. Contacts form miniature “electrical circuits” that are triggered when the circuit is broken. Smoke Detectors - Smoke Detectors are Sensors that are activated by Smoke, or in some cases, by an unusual rise in temperature. Once triggered, Smoke Detectors will trigger a Security Siren and, if installed, send a signal to a central monitoring system to summon the Fire Department. Glass Break Detectors - Glass Break Detectors, “Glassbreaks”, are similar to a Smoke Detector, but are triggered by the Sound of broken glass. They are also used to trigger an alarm or summon Emergency Assistance. Panic Buttons - Panic Buttons are small buttons that can be installed in strategic locations such as “bedside” or near a door, or they can be found on Hand Held Devices such as Key Fobs. They are used to provide you with an extremely fast method of summoning Emergency Personnel such as Police, Fire or Medical Assistance. When located on a Key Fob, they are pocket sized and can be kept on your person, in a pocket or purse. Closed Circuit TV - Closed Circuit TVs, “CCTVs”, are Television Systems designed to visually monitor and/or record, by Cameras, areas that you select. They can be used inside or outside your home. CCTV Systems are available with offsite internet capabilities. These types of Systems allow you to monitor your Home from anyplace in the world where you have internet access. Central Monitoring Station - Central Monitoring Stations are monitoring companies that receive electronic signals from your Security System when it is triggered. Monitoring Stations operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. These stations, upon receipt of the triggered electronic signal, summon the appropriate Emergency Personnel based upon the programmed signal. These include Police, Fire and Medical Personnel. Keep in mind devices can be added to fit your home or business. Provided by: Eye Spy Electronics and More in MO 877-821-4880

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