Saturday, July 27, 2013

How Can Security Cameras Protect your Home or Business?

How Can Security Cameras Protect your Home or Business?

Security cameras are widely-installed nowadays not only in businesses but also in homes, whether outside or inside. This is because security cameras are said to be able to protect your home and your business. However, since security cameras are not people, some still doubt their effectiveness when it comes to protecting your property which is why one common question is asked mostly by home and business owners: how can security cameras protect your home or business? Here are several ways on how security cameras are able to protect your home or your business:

They keep away robbers, thieves, etc. Security cameras are not people but their presence is more than enough to keep away robbers and thieves as well as other criminals from doing their work. When these crooks see that the area is full of security cameras, they will hesitate because they know they would be identified and their dirty work would be recorded. With this, your home and your business is somehow protected and kept safe because of the presence of security cameras by posing as a threat to robbers, thieves and people with bad intents.

They survey the area and record what’s going on. Some security cameras are surveillance cameras that survey the entire area and record whatever is going on in that area. This way, if ever some accidents occur and you are being wrongly accused, investigating what really happened in your home or business premises would be a lot easier because the security cameras have recorded everything that has happened. In other words, when it comes to finding out what really happened and who really was in the wrong side, security cameras play a big part. They can protect your budget from costly lawsuits filed against you because you have clear evidence of what really happened.

They identify the culprit easily. Since security cameras record everything that’s happening and survey the area, they also help you identify the culprit of the crime whether it is thievery, assault, etc. In fact, most business establishments and homes are already installing security cameras nowadays because they make it easy to find out who did the crime so even if the damage has been done already, they are assured that the suspect won’t be able to get away with it that easily. Security cameras can protect your home and business from the injustice of not finding out who did your home and business wrong.

They let you know who’s outside the house. One way that security cameras can protect your home is by letting you know who is outside the house and ringing your doorbell before you allow them access. With this, they can protect your home from being ambushed by criminals since you are not easily going to allow access to people you don’t know. In other words, they give you time to evaluate the people outside your home and ensure their identities first before letting them in.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to Ensure that your Home or Business is Protected Using Security Cameras

How to Ensure that your Home or Business is Protected Using Security Cameras

There may be a lot of establishments and residential homes that have security cameras installed but not all of these businesses and homes are still able to protect themselves even with the presence of security cameras. Their homes and businesses still end up being trespassed by criminals as well as they are still unable to identify the criminals even if they have security cameras. With this, even if you are already planning to install security cameras for your home or business, you still need to be wise enough to ensure that your home and your business are indeed protected with the use of these security camera systems. How?

Install a security camera that meets your needs. You may have different home security needs than other people. For instance, if you need to monitor your babysitter at the moment to see whether she is rally taking care of your kid, then you should install a security camera that meets this need and will allow you to monitor the current happenings at home with your babysitter such as a security camera with Smartphone app. Simply installing a security camera outside the house to threaten crooks may not be effective when it comes to achieving your specific purpose.

Install a durable security camera. The reason why a lot of homeowners and business owners are still not able to protect their homes and business even with the security camera is because the security camera they install is not durable. Just a single hit and it already breaks and fails to function, giving crooks a happy time breaking in to your house and your business. Only by installing a durable security camera can you ensure you are protecting your home and business because durable security cameras are made to withstand any beatings or pressure.

Install good quality security cameras. Another reason why protection of homes and businesses are often compromised is because of poor quality security cameras in terms of the images displayed. So, even if you have security cameras, if its image quality is poor and your home is breached, there is still no way for you to find out what really happened clearly. Only by installing a good quality security camera can you really protect your home and business because good quality security cameras are the ones that produce quality images that will allow you to identify the crooks that have broken into your home.

Get a security camera with cool and very helpful features. The features of a security camera can also contribute to ensuring that your home and your business are protected well with their presence. There are cameras that are packed or equipped with very cool features like night vision, alarms, etc. and these features double the protection that is offered by traditional security cameras for your home or your business. So, by installing security cameras with cool and helpful features, you can ensure that your home and your business are really getting the maximum protection that it needs. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

What You can Get from Security Cameras with Smartphone App

What You can Get from Security Cameras with Smartphone App

One of the best things about security cameras nowadays is that they are already advanced and very high tech in features as there are also security cameras that can be connected to your smartphone through a smartphone app. Security cameras with the smartphone app are those cameras that allow you to monitor and see what the cameras see through your smartphone even if you are away. You simply install the cameras as well as install the smartphone app and then, you can already access your video surveillance system.

When it comes to installing this advanced system, usually, there are some signals you attach on walls and they allow your security camera to be connected to you smartphone so that through the smartphone app, you can already gain access to your security system and monitor your home and business while you are away.

The question is what can you get from this type of security camera?

Convenience. This is the first thing you can benefit from security cameras with smartphone; the convenience of monitoring your home and business no matter where you are. You don’t have to wait for you to get home and check out your security record just to find out what happened as it would be too late already. When you have this type of security camera, you currently see what’s going on inside the house or office just as it is happening so whatever crimes are occurring, you can easily send the police to your home.

Peace of mind. This is another thing that you can benefit from security cameras with the smartphone app. Sometimes, when you leave the house or your office, you can’t help but feel uneasy especially if you have a new housekeeper or you don’t trust the people in your office. However, if your security camera has a smartphone app wherein you can view and monitor your home and business while you are away, you are also gaining peace of mind that even if you leave the house, you can still watch out for it.

Savings. This type of security camera may prove to be more expensive than the simple security cameras but this type of security camera can also benefit your budget and allow you to save money. This is because there is no need for you to put up or buy extra equipment just so you can monitor your security system at home. You can simply use your smartphone and this can save you a lot of money as owning a smartphone lets you hit numerous birds in one stone. It allows you to connect with your family and friends at the same time, allow you to connect with your security camera system.

Considering the savings, the convenience, and most of all, the peace of mind that you can benefit from a security camera with the smartphone app, it proves that these systems are getting more and more effective when it comes to protecting your home and business no matter where you are.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

How a Security Alarm Provides Optimum Safety and Security

How a Security Alarm Provides Optimum Safety and Security

Security alarms may be the most efficient systems that can improve the security of a home or a business. It is very effective in deterring criminals and gathering information to track down intruders to help police to catch them as soon as possible. How a security alarm system does this is actually very simple.
1.     An intruder enters your home by breaking a window or prying open a patio glass door in the wee hours of the evening. Your system is in “alarm mode.”
2.     Illegal entry automatically sends a signal to the control panel of your security system.
3.     The control panel is set to call local police in your area or a central station; they in turn dispatch police near your location.

4.     Police arrives in the scene in a matter of a minute. Since there are no distracting noises and there is hardly any sign that an alarm has been tripped, police may easily catch the burglar or the trespasser in the act.
Aside from providing safety in case of intruders, a security alarm will also be able to signal for help for the following reasons:

       Fire, heat and smoke detectors have been a part of security alarm systems and in these scenarios, a system for fire, heat and smoke are installed in every room of the house especially the kitchen. When any of these are triggered, the central station is signaled. The station calls the nearest fire department, police and paramedics to the scene.

       Door and window detectors are a part of security alarms. Doors and windows that are potential entry points are the back doors, garage doors, second floor windows, patio glass doors and kitchen windows. A simple alarm that activates when any of these are opened will immediately signal central station to call for help.
A part of door and window alarms are glass break alarms that are easily activated when glass is broken or cracked using a tool or an improvised glass breaking system.

       Carbon monoxide sensors on the other hand detect the presence of this dangerous gas inside the home. This gas may accumulate as a fire place is closed, as a stove is left open or in cases when furnaces and heating systems are not properly maintained. You can never smell or taste carbon monoxide but it can cause serious lung problems. A smart security monitoring system will automatically trigger when there is carbon monoxide accumulation in the home and will even open the windows to let fresh air in.

       Finally, security cameras are integrated in any security alarm system. When motion is sensed in an area a camera will start recording. Some cameras have terrific night vision capabilities to record even on very little light source. Some systems may even call, email and text you when there is something wrong along with a snapshot of the intruder. Some high end video cameras may even call for help as soon as it detects forced entry.