Thursday, July 4, 2013

How a Security Alarm Provides Optimum Safety and Security

How a Security Alarm Provides Optimum Safety and Security

Security alarms may be the most efficient systems that can improve the security of a home or a business. It is very effective in deterring criminals and gathering information to track down intruders to help police to catch them as soon as possible. How a security alarm system does this is actually very simple.
1.     An intruder enters your home by breaking a window or prying open a patio glass door in the wee hours of the evening. Your system is in “alarm mode.”
2.     Illegal entry automatically sends a signal to the control panel of your security system.
3.     The control panel is set to call local police in your area or a central station; they in turn dispatch police near your location.

4.     Police arrives in the scene in a matter of a minute. Since there are no distracting noises and there is hardly any sign that an alarm has been tripped, police may easily catch the burglar or the trespasser in the act.
Aside from providing safety in case of intruders, a security alarm will also be able to signal for help for the following reasons:

       Fire, heat and smoke detectors have been a part of security alarm systems and in these scenarios, a system for fire, heat and smoke are installed in every room of the house especially the kitchen. When any of these are triggered, the central station is signaled. The station calls the nearest fire department, police and paramedics to the scene.

       Door and window detectors are a part of security alarms. Doors and windows that are potential entry points are the back doors, garage doors, second floor windows, patio glass doors and kitchen windows. A simple alarm that activates when any of these are opened will immediately signal central station to call for help.
A part of door and window alarms are glass break alarms that are easily activated when glass is broken or cracked using a tool or an improvised glass breaking system.

       Carbon monoxide sensors on the other hand detect the presence of this dangerous gas inside the home. This gas may accumulate as a fire place is closed, as a stove is left open or in cases when furnaces and heating systems are not properly maintained. You can never smell or taste carbon monoxide but it can cause serious lung problems. A smart security monitoring system will automatically trigger when there is carbon monoxide accumulation in the home and will even open the windows to let fresh air in.

       Finally, security cameras are integrated in any security alarm system. When motion is sensed in an area a camera will start recording. Some cameras have terrific night vision capabilities to record even on very little light source. Some systems may even call, email and text you when there is something wrong along with a snapshot of the intruder. Some high end video cameras may even call for help as soon as it detects forced entry.

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