Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Every city has their areas of high crime and, for the most part, people tend to avoid them when they can. Police in these areas are also on high alert and tend to patrol these areas more frequently than others. However, the police cannot be everywhere at once which means, unfortunately, that crimes still happen in these areas and more frequently than anybody wants.

However, in one particular neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri that has been denoted as a "high crime area" by local authorities a solution may be coming along that could lower the crime rate in the area and may help put some of the more persistent criminals behind bars.

A video surveillance system is set to be installed in a St. Louis neighborhood as part of attempts to hinder drug dealing and related assaults. Over the course of several weeks, security cameras will be placed along Natural Bridge as well as Lee Avenue in the 21st ward of St. Louis, an area the alderman calls a "freeway of drug activity".

This particular neighborhood in St. Louis saw almost 1,100 crimes last year alone which included over a dozen murders. The area's alderman Antonio French told local radio stations that although the area is primarily known for its drug related problems the deaths are a bigger concern. According to French, "It's really the violent crime that we're most concerned with. We've had more than our fair share of the city's murders happen in our neighborhood."

French also noted that this move towards security cameras was born out of requests from the residents. "In high crime areas like this folks have really been screaming for the cameras," he said. The main focus of the city is most certainly the safety of the citizens and if the citizens want security cameras installed to deter crime, then the city is intent on giving it to them.
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