Monday, April 29, 2013

Why Choose Wired Security Surveillance CCTV Cameras? St. Louis

Why Choose Wired Security CCTV Cameras?

Choosing a CCTV camera for your home or your business could be a big deal especially when you are very much concerned about the safety and security of your family and your property. Now that crime is as its peak, you can never be safe enough which is why more and more homes and business establishments use security cameras.
But the debate as to whether a wired security camera or a wireless model is the best choice is one of the most common concerns of homeowners and business owners. While the popularity of wired cameras continues to impress consumers, smart individuals still choose traditional wired security CCTV cameras over wireless types. This is so because of the following reasons:

Wired setups are technically more reliable compared to wired systems. Wired CCTV units transmit signals with the use of cables and wires to a storage system while wireless systems rely through signals that are transmitted from the antenna to the receiver. There are so many ways that signals from a wireless system may be interfered; aside from physical obstructions routers and other devices that transmit signals may also interfere from the transfer of data.
And since wired cameras are more reliable, the video quality is better. You can clearly see your subject as well as the surrounding areas with a video recorded from a wired security camera. Wired systems also offer more features related to video image like an automatic focus, better video resolution, farther night vision capabilities, facial recognition, missing items or image recognition and so many more. These are just some of the most important features why more and more consumers are choosing wired systems compared to wireless units.
Some homeowners and business owners are hesitant to use wired systems since power and video cables may be easily cut by intruders since wiring is often exposed. There are however new cabling systems like “Siamese” cables that combine power cables with video cables that may be installed discretely from the camera; this will offer better security as well as practicality since you can basically install a wire system anywhere even when there are no power outlets available nearby.
Wired camera systems are often available with 6 or 8 camera units, a receiver, remote controls and cables which offer versatility and savings for the homeowner or business owners. This system is ideal for indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance as well as home or business security.
Wired cameras are built to be more durable and more resistant to outdoor weather compared to wireless systems. Most wireless cameras look fragile and are mostly made for indoor use while wired systems come with an all-weather housing which can still record in perfect quality even when there is rain, wind, snow and other terrible weather conditions.
Wired systems are very affordable and are often available on a set providing users more savings in the long run. Installation may be costly for wired systems but all the benefits clearly outweigh this disadvantage. 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Turn Over CCTV Video Surveillance Evidence to Law Enforcement?

How to Turn Over Video Evidence to Law Enforcement?

If you do business or live in a neighborhood or community with a high crime rate then you need to protect your family or your business. And the most effective way to secure your home or your business is to us a video surveillance camera. Video may be taken via CCTV security camera indoors and outdoors to secure your home 24 hours a day and in case criminal activity happens you will be able to use your video as evidence.
Here are some tips to get your video surveillance system ready for criminals in your neighborhood and hopefully turn over video evidence to law enforcement if you need to:

  • Position your video camera/cameras to capture the best shots as evidence. If you have a convenience store then let one camera point towards the entrance or your doorway with the resolution adjusted to capture a full image of anyone entering. Another camera needs to point to the counter where most of the assault happens during armed robberies. Your entire store should be well lighted with no obstructions as the cameras record video. Make sure that you have enough hard drive memory to store all your video recordings.

  • Adding a video camera to record your parking area, the back of your store and within the store premises will be able to deter criminal activity more. There are security surveillance systems that come with 8 or even more cameras which are handy for large business establishments.

  • In offices and businesses, video cameras also help protect the business owner. In an indoor system, dome-shaped cameras are more preferred since it’s impossible to find out if the camera is pointed at any direction with the tinted glass dome. You need to strategically place these types of camera within your office so you can cover a larger area more efficiently. A large office space will need more cameras to be able to capture video evidence more effectively while a small office may only need one or two.

  • Invest in dome cameras that may be operated remotely. Most of these camera systems can record live video and have the ability to pan, tilt and to zoom. And just like camera systems in stores and business establishments, having a large hard drive memory could help manage longer recordings.

If you have been a victim of a crime, take time to review video evidence on the day and hour the crime happened. Call law enforcement and inform that you may have captured video evidence of the crime that happened in your area. If you can have a video expert review your video evidence.

It also helps when you use more means to protect your home and your business against criminal elements. A convenience store must have a measuring sticker to easily identify the height of anyone a soon as he enters, in a home adding floodlights to dark areas of your lawn or garage would help deter criminals and if you can have an expert install your camera system to be able to take advantage of the features of your complete security surveillance system. Always talk to your local law enforcement to assistance. I know in Saint Louis and Saint Charles Mo they are more than happy to tell you what they need for a conviction. This helps them do their job and helps you in the end to stop whatever trouble you are having.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Surveillance Security Cameras Saint Louis/Saint Charles

The Advantages of Wireless Surveillance Security Systems Saint Louis/Saint Charles

Wireless security systems are better preferred by more and more homeowners and business owners because of its impressive advantages. A wireless system usually has nothing more than the wireless camera included in your purchase; there are no wires, baluns, connectors or even power supplies that come with the unit. You will enjoy wireless and efficient video, and sometimes even audio, surveillance without being restricted with wires and cables. Here are more advantages of wireless camera systems you may want to know about before you make your shopping choice:

Easy installation – wireless systems are a cinch to install; wired systems need to be installed by a professional to ensure that all the wires are connected correctly and that all the wiring is well planned inside or outside a property. Wireless systems may just need a simple installation that can only take a few minutes while a wired system may be completed in just a few minutes.
Installation is so easy you can even do it yourself; you will also reduce your installation bills plus your surveillance system will be ready within the day.

Safer outdoors – wired systems are installed with wires that may be vulnerable to tampering and criminal activity. Criminals who may want to enter a home or a business may just cut any visible wire or cabling to interrupt power or signals from a wired camera. With a wireless system, wire and cable tampering is not possible and may even deter criminals upon seeing that there is no possible way to remove power or signal from the surveillance camera.

Less maintenance – you won’t need to have someone come by to do periodic checks with your wireless systems. There are no cables and connectors that may be prone to breaks and repair so it means you will save on maintenance and repair costs.

Better designs – most wireless cameras offer a more stylish and efficient design making it ideal for external and internal use. A better camera design will also allow you to use the system indoors or outdoors, for any room at home or for your business and for any surveillance use. Choose one with a sturdy outer cover, resistant to any weather condition and is vandal-proof to ensure total safety for outdoor use.

More affordable – there is a wrong notion that wireless systems are all very expensive, there are some wireless units that have better features and specs. All you need to do is to shop for the best deals online. You will also be able to find affordable surveillance camera systems when you compare different brands and models. It would also help to read consumer reviews to be certain if you are buying the ideal camera surveillance system.
So will a wired or a wireless unit be the best camera surveillance system for your home or business? It all actually depends on you; make sure you study the pros and cons of the camera system you have in mind before you make your purchase.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wired Security Cameras St. Louis

The Advantages of Wired Surveillance CCTV  Security Cameras St. Louis/St. Charles MO

There are two main types of surveillance security cameras to use for a home or for business: wired and wireless security cameras. The main difference of these cameras of course is that wired cameras require cabling, connections and complicated installation while wireless cameras are free from wires and connections and installation may just take a few minutes to complete. Although it may seem like wireless surveillance security cameras are the best option to use, there are still homeowners and business owners who prefer wired camera systems. Let’s see the advantages of wired surveillance security cameras over wireless models:
  •         Stable power – a wired camera is always connected to a power source which means you get stable power every time you need it. You won’t need to worry about changing batteries or placing your system on power saving mode that can totally reduce the video capabilities of your camera system.
  •         Stable signals – your wired cameras will be connected to a recording device or to a video surveillance system where you can view and record all video footages captured by your wired cameras. With a wireless system, any physical obstructions can totally affect the transmission of signals from the camera to the receiver or video monitor.
  •         Negative interference – one of the most common problems for wireless camera systems is the possibility of interfering with other wireless devices like a modem or a wireless router. There may also be appliances and devices that can affect the signals of wireless cameras like microwave ovens and wireless phones. However there are newer 2.4 GHz devices have eliminated this problem.
  •         Better video resolutions – mostly wired cameras have better resolution and better video clarity compared to wireless cameras. There are models that have farther night vision capabilities, motion activated sensors and so many more features that you can never find in a wireless model.
  •         No more restrictions – most homeowners and business owners prefer wireless models since they believe that these cameras have no restrictions; actually wired models will never restrict  the distance covered by a surveillance camera when these use video baluns and larger Cat5 cables which provide stable video compared to regular RG58 cables.
  •         More new features – the belief that wired cameras are becoming less popular is untrue. There are better features like more video channels, more camera systems to connect to a receiver, better video features and so many more. Wired cameras are also more durable, with better-designed housing and protective features to allow you to use cameras as an outdoor surveillance system.
  •         Cheaper than wireless units – this is absolutely true; you can buy four or more channel wired camera surveillance systems with four or more camera units as well for the most affordable prices. You can also shop for the ideal features you need or how about a complete system with a receiver with a large hard drive or a system with a video monitor. You may shop online to find out amazing deals in wired surveillance systems to help you make the right choice. All these are possible with affordable wired surveillance camera systems. 
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Security Systems and Alarm Sensors

Security systems which include security alarms and security cameras should be treated as a huge investment. Installation of these can definitely help in protecting the people that you love as well as your valuables. When there is a security system that is installed in your home or business, it gives you the confidence to leave your home without having to worry about the burglars that may enter or break-in at your home.

When we have a security system installed athome, it gives us more peaceful sleep at night without having to worry about a criminal breaking in and try to hurt you and your family. When you disregard the safety of your home and loved ones, you may end up regretting it in the end, and this is surely something that you don’t want to happen. Always bear in mind that a criminal will stop at nothing just to get what they want.
There are some guidelines which can help us in achieving a more secured alarm system. Since with the advancement in technology the different tactics of the criminals are also advancing and with this we need to be wary of the things that we should take into consideration for added protection. Here are some of them:

·         Alarm sensors should be installed in a location where the intruder is more likely to enter; this should be used as our first line of defense  We should not wait for the burglar to enter our premise before we actually act on it, if we can keep them away from entering, the better.

·         Do your own research as to the type of alarm sensor that you will be installing. There are wide variations of these alarm systems that you can choose from. You have to always consider the different factors that should be considered when choosing the right alarm sensor which may include the points of entry in the premise and the size of the area.

·         Make sure to put the alarm sensor in a location where it can easily detect an intruder’s entry. Put it in a place where your most valued asset is located so that you will know right away if there is an unauthorized entry.

·         Upon installation of the security system, test it right away. Test them in order to make sure that they are functioning properly; an alarm or security system that is malfunctioning is totally useless.

·         Ensure that your security system is being monitored by a central monitoring company. Even if your alarm will be able to detect a burglary and it alarm has created a sound, this is going to be useless if no one will even respond to it.

·         Make sure to protect your phone lines most especially that they are the ones who are transmitting alarm signals to the company who is monitoring your alarm system. There are several companies who are manufacturing devices that can protect your phone lines from being compromised.

·         Make sure that you have a backup installed for the transmission signal of your security alarm. The most popular one is known as the cellular backup system.

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