Thursday, November 29, 2012


We've discussed the power of the security camera in keeping our homes and businesses crime-free. Here in St. Louis, there's plenty to worry about when it comes to keeping property and family secure.

It's a sad fact, though, that not all crime can be prevented by surveillance; the dumbest and boldest criminals still insist on breaking into homes, stealing valuables, and damaging property.

The security camera can also be a powerful tool in identifying and bringing criminals to justice, however. When the burglar goes ahead with his burglary, when the carjacker breaks into your vehicle, and when the vandal damages your possessions, a security camera will just keep rolling.

Here are a few recent stories of success with security cameras in catching the crooks of America.

Battery Bandits Caught on Camera

When thieves stole the battery from his 1988 Toyota pickup, a Jefferson County, Alabama man called police. They arrived at his home at 6:30am that Tuesday, November 20th - just a week ago yesterday.

Police wouldn't have known where to start, but the victim was prepared. He provided them with photographic stills taken from his home surveillance system which showed a man and a woman removing the battery from his truck. Now they had something to work with.

Proceeding to a nearby recycling center, police were able to match the photos to security footage there and identify the woman from the stills, who was still wearing the same clothes as she'd been wearing at the break-in.

Arriving at a residence later that day, deputies found Amanda Leigh Chalmers, 34, asleep in her car, and showed her the pictures from the scene of her earlier crime. She admitted her guilt. When she received a text from her boyfriend, who she identified as the man from the stills, police were also able to locate and arrest him.

Michael Waldrop, 36, is charged with unlawful breaking and entering a motor vehicle and third-degree theft of property. Chalmers is charged with receiving stolen property. The two were being held on bail.

Worse Than It Looked

Often, a burglar is more than just a one-time offender; in this case, a man in illegal possession of stolen firearms and with a track record of felonies was brought to heel after picking the wrong house to break into.

Home security cameras at a residence in Sioux City, Iowa, caught Scott Slauter, 38, in the act of entering to remove jewelry and a pistol. The burglar was carrying a .38-caliber handgun as he broke into and searched the house.

Identified from his image on the home security footage, Slauter became the prime suspect in an investigation of the crime. During a search of his home, police located the stolen gun and some ammunition. The jewelry had been sold, but was later tracked down and recovered.

Slauter was carrying three former felony convictions, including robbing and shooting a store clerk, burglary, and an attempted escape from custody during which he overpowered security officers, stole two cars and drove through roadblocks.

As of the 21st, this criminal is now facing federal prison for up to 17 years. If there was ever a case of a known troublemaker being stopped in his tracks by home security cameras, this is it. Sometimes it's not just about a single crime, but a criminal who just won't quit.

Eye Spy Security at Work

It's these kinds of stories that motivate us at Eye Spy Electronics to provide the very best in quality and value for your security needs. We want to prevent crime, certainly, but if we can't - well, we'd like to have a hand in bringing the bad guys down.

We work closely with police in home and business security contexts of all kinds, offering our services and footage as needed to serve both you and your community. When you put us in charge of installing security cameras or monitoring your property, we take the responsibility very seriously.

Call us today for a free quote or consultation. We're ready to make your home or business secure, and we bet you'll be surprised at just how affordable it can be. Don't put your security on hold for another minute: remember, our business is your peace of mind.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Over the past several weeks, some of you may have noticed a few changes around the main site. There's been a lot going on behind the scenes, and we'd like to bring you up to speed.

From a content tuneup to an aesthetic makeover, from a new social presence on Facebook to a powerfully renewed LinkedIn company profile, Eye Spy Electronics is undergoing change in its web presence in a huge way.

Fresh Content, Same Great Service

Eye Spy Electronics has been providing effective and dependable security camera and security alarm system services to the greater St. Louis area since 2007. Built on a tradition of trust and superior expertise, Eye Spy is a leader in affordable security solutions for Missouri and surrounding states.

A time came, however, when the minds behind the business decided the company website and web presence as a whole was ready for some renovation - and renovation has come!

In order to maintain an internet presentation as excellent as the security services we provide, Eye Spy has been renewing their commitment to high quality web development and design. Our visitors and clients agree - things are looking great at This is all part of our dedication to serve you better than anyone, and to look good while we do it!

Reaching Out: Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogging

In an effort to provide you with the cutting edge of security news and information, we've thrown our security blog into high gear this past month. We look forward to continuing a steady output of great content, bringing you the latest in company news and security education.

That's not all, though. As many of you are aware on a first-hand basis, we've lately brought Facebook and LinkedIn to the playing field. It's high time our social media presence reflected our pride and experience, and we're more than ready to share what we've learned with the world. We want to share our corner of the universe with you.

Whether you're looking to inform yourself in security technology and trends, or looking to refresh your home or business security installation, we want you to be able to locate and engage with us both quickly and easily. We're here to serve you, and we want you to know it.

We sell peace of mind. This is what we live by, and this is what we want to share with you above all. Join us today on our continually growing site, and get to know us a little better. We promise you won't be disappointed!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It's the most wonderful time of the year, as the singer tells us. Candy canes and holiday cheer aren't the only things on our minds, though: the festive season is also one of the most difficult in terms of theft and other crime for businesses around America.

While we all wish for better times to come, the chaos of Christmas is the perfect cover for many criminals to make a move on your merchandise. This sort of behavior, unfair and unseasonal, is just the thing to spoil an otherwise perfect holiday season for owners of retailers everywhere.

Need some advice? Well, we don't claim to be the three wise men, but we know the equipment and practise that will give you an edge in your effort to keep the holidays pleasant for everyone.

Security Cameras: Santa's Other Little Helpers

When it comes to security in your place of business, it takes the right tools to keep material losses to a minimum, and profits at their best. We've discussed a wide variety of cameras in previous posts, but the two most suited to an average indoor business context are the bullet camera and the dome camera.

Dome cameras are very likely the most effective piece of equipment, and the most popular, in retail. Not only are they fairly unobtrusive - for the sake of those folks who are just there to shop - but they are also recognisable enough for the potential shoplifter to see and fear. They're also an economic choice when money is tight: a few can be used to cover a wide area simply because it is so difficult to tell in which direction they are pointed, and the criminal may choose not to take their chances.

An equally effective choice is the bullet camera. In a smaller format, this technology is perfect for use as a highly visible form of crime deterrence and loss prevention. Its presence is clearly felt, and its field of view is obvious. You'll need to cover every area - particularly problem areas - with these cameras, but cutting corners usually isn't the best strategy in any case.

Working with Your Security Cameras

Cameras alone are typically only part of an overall strategy. Staff should be alert to suspicious behavior at all times, and aware of the environment in which they work. For especially high-value merchandise, it's not a bad idea to include paid security staff of one kind or another. For the most part, though, making sure that you and your employees are active observers will go a long way together with security cameras.

Keep your work environment clear and well organised, and try to arrange the facility internally so as to facilitate an open field of vision for both cameras and staff. In a very busy time of year like Christmas, don't hesitate to bring in extra staff, or to implement a security camera system if you haven't before.

Eye Spy Electronics is here to help you meet the challenges of the holiday season, and to thrive through the intensity of it all. Give us a call today at 877-821-4880, an email at, or visit us online. We're available year round, and ready to support you in any need. Ask us about our free consultations.

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Friday, November 9, 2012


The best possible home security strategy combines the shell of protection provided by external perimeter security with the inner core of home intrusion responses that compose an effective interior security system.

The primary advantage of perimeter security lies in the fact that it alerts a homeowner to an intrusion before the intruder has even made it into a home. The purpose of interior security is to control the extent to which an intruder can damage, rob or inflict harm once they have entered a home.

By integrating both approaches, the conscientious homeowner can reduce both the likelihood of a successful home invasion, and the disruption caused by an intruder's entry.

FIrst Line of Defense: Perimeter Security

Let's expand on what we covered earlier this week. It begins with lighting; ensuring that your property is well lit on every side is vital to discouraging crime, and spotting the bolder criminals who choose to approach your home despite precautions. Another effective strategy involves the use of motion-activated lights: setting these high-powered devices around the perimeter of your property can scare off or illuminate trespassers very reliably. Be sure to point the lights at your own home - not your neighbors'!

Reduce clutter and extensive foliage on your property by keeping your lawn trim and clear. This cuts down on possible concealment for the home intruder. As a further precaution, carefully placed tripwires attached to noisemakers can be a huge deterrent. Don't hesitate to use fencing in particularly vulnerable areas of your property. A dog can also serve in the context of a highly integrated crime detection or prevention strategy.

Above all, be sure to install cameras in advantageous areas around your home. Position them high at likely points of approach so that they will be most likely to get a clear image of an intruder's face. Make sure that they are visible, as their simple presence will often discourage an attempt to intrude on your home. Using vandal-proof housing is frequently a wise decision as well, protecting your valuable investment from being disabled or otherwise damaged.

Second Line of Defense: Interior Security

Last week, we explored interior security; let's go a little further down that trail, and see how it can be combined with perimeter security measures for a really powerful defense.

Change your locks when purchasing a new home. Store valuables in a secure location, and make use of a safety deposit box. Hang curtains in your home to discourage window shopping. Keep an inventory and update it regularly.

When it comes to interior security equipment, consider making use of two major forms of intruder detection hardware: point of entry sensors, and internal motion sensors. A good point of entry sensor will alert you to the opening of a window or door, picking up where external monitoring leaves off. Motion sensors will further detect movement within your home. Think of these two elements as layers within a greater layer of home intrusion detection. Install a loud and shrill siren to these devices to ensure a maximum scare value to intruders.

Sometimes, all these protective measures will prove insufficient: a truly dedicated criminal will work in spite of detection to rob, damage or harm. In this case, such additional precautions as offsite monitoring and locks on interior doors will be worth their weight in gold. Have a separate phone line available in the master bedroom, and install a deadbolt on the door to this room. When a home intruder does make their way through your lines of defense, you will be adequately warned and able to wait out the time until police are alerted by your monitors.

Eye Spy Electronics: Your Source for Peace of Mind

Eye Spy Electronics offers all these services and more. Whether you're looking to supplement your common sense solutions with a bit of hardware, looking for a bit of home security advice, or getting ready to set up a whole new security system, we have the tools and the time for you.

We also provide 24/7 offsite monitoring services across the United States. Our services are compatible with virtually any existing security setup, but we will gladly provide our expertise and equipment to install and arrange a security system that will work to your best advantage.

Contact us today for a free quote! We serve St. Louis, St. Charles and all of Missouri, as well as states near and far. Ask us what we can do for you - and we will work to the best of our ability to meet your needs. Your peace of mind is our business.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Last week we covered the essentials of interior security, from changing locks and storing valuables to motion sensors and offsite monitoring services. This week, we're going to take a closer look at some perimeter security basics that can keep a criminal from even entering your home in the first place.

It can be said that the basic difference between perimeter protection and interior security is this: while perimeter security emphasises personal safety, interior security is oriented toward protection of property. Interior security practises limit the likelihood of serious losses when a break-in does occur, and can often facilitate recovery of stolen goods; perimeter protection can often prevent a burglary in the first place, or at least alert the occupants of a home to an intrusion.

Everyday Home Perimeter Security Practises

Having sufficient lighting at all doors, windows and other openings around your home can be one of the most powerful deterrents to criminal activity. Without the cover of darkness, the would-be intruder loses confidence; their activities are plain for anyone to see, especially at the areas of entry.

Along the same vein, having good lighting in the front and rear of your property can be tremendously helpful. Encourage your neighbors to do the same!

Reduce available cover, such as from shrubs or bushes around your home. Keeping greenery trim and small in size is not only attractive overall, but useful in a practical way: criminals will be less capable of concealing themselves, and thus be less likely to target your home for a break-in.

Many homeowners keep a pet, most often a dog, on their property. This is one of the oldest and most effective ways of preventing unwanted visitation, as a dog will instinctively react to the presence of strangers, alerting both you and neighbors. Remember that a well-trained animal is always more useful in this capacity, as this will reduce false alarms and irritation.

Cameras as a Powerful Criminal Deterrent

Short of the much more high-cost and complex solutions that exist, the standard security camera is the ultimate in basic outdoor perimeter protection.

Many types of security cameras have been discussed in previous posts here on Safety and Security in St. Louis / St. Charles Missouri. Each one has a particular application; we're going to explore those options now.

The bullet camera is the most common and recognisable form of perimeter security around. Known for its distinctive rectangular shape and noticeable presence, the basic bullet camera sends a universal message to potential intruders: these premises are monitored and recorded, and your actions will not go without being noticed. Even before any criminal activity is ever recorded, the bullet camera makes the home intruder think twice before making a move on your property.

As a more advanced solution, the PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) camera and speed dome camera are a very potent means of preventing and recording unwanted visitors from violating your peace of mind. With the ability to either manually or automatically monitor a wide area, the continual activity and active observation of such a device is a sure thorn in the side of home invaders. A moving camera such as one of these is even more of a deterrent, as it suggests active and ongoing measures against intrusion on the part of a homeowner.

Your Best Security Solution

Having offsite monitoring services in place can often be the ultimate in preventing or responding to trespassers of any kind. When you hire Eye Spy to keep tabs on your security feed, we can alert you and the police to any violation of your privacy - within minutes. This is the eye in the sky that criminals fear the most.

Whatever your perimeter security need, Eye Spy Electronics has the solution for you. Contact us today by phone (877-821-4880) or email ( to get a free quote and discuss your best home security strategy.

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