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We've discussed the power of the security camera in keeping our homes and businesses crime-free. Here in St. Louis, there's plenty to worry about when it comes to keeping property and family secure.

It's a sad fact, though, that not all crime can be prevented by surveillance; the dumbest and boldest criminals still insist on breaking into homes, stealing valuables, and damaging property.

The security camera can also be a powerful tool in identifying and bringing criminals to justice, however. When the burglar goes ahead with his burglary, when the carjacker breaks into your vehicle, and when the vandal damages your possessions, a security camera will just keep rolling.

Here are a few recent stories of success with security cameras in catching the crooks of America.

Battery Bandits Caught on Camera

When thieves stole the battery from his 1988 Toyota pickup, a Jefferson County, Alabama man called police. They arrived at his home at 6:30am that Tuesday, November 20th - just a week ago yesterday.

Police wouldn't have known where to start, but the victim was prepared. He provided them with photographic stills taken from his home surveillance system which showed a man and a woman removing the battery from his truck. Now they had something to work with.

Proceeding to a nearby recycling center, police were able to match the photos to security footage there and identify the woman from the stills, who was still wearing the same clothes as she'd been wearing at the break-in.

Arriving at a residence later that day, deputies found Amanda Leigh Chalmers, 34, asleep in her car, and showed her the pictures from the scene of her earlier crime. She admitted her guilt. When she received a text from her boyfriend, who she identified as the man from the stills, police were also able to locate and arrest him.

Michael Waldrop, 36, is charged with unlawful breaking and entering a motor vehicle and third-degree theft of property. Chalmers is charged with receiving stolen property. The two were being held on bail.

Worse Than It Looked

Often, a burglar is more than just a one-time offender; in this case, a man in illegal possession of stolen firearms and with a track record of felonies was brought to heel after picking the wrong house to break into.

Home security cameras at a residence in Sioux City, Iowa, caught Scott Slauter, 38, in the act of entering to remove jewelry and a pistol. The burglar was carrying a .38-caliber handgun as he broke into and searched the house.

Identified from his image on the home security footage, Slauter became the prime suspect in an investigation of the crime. During a search of his home, police located the stolen gun and some ammunition. The jewelry had been sold, but was later tracked down and recovered.

Slauter was carrying three former felony convictions, including robbing and shooting a store clerk, burglary, and an attempted escape from custody during which he overpowered security officers, stole two cars and drove through roadblocks.

As of the 21st, this criminal is now facing federal prison for up to 17 years. If there was ever a case of a known troublemaker being stopped in his tracks by home security cameras, this is it. Sometimes it's not just about a single crime, but a criminal who just won't quit.

Eye Spy Security at Work

It's these kinds of stories that motivate us at Eye Spy Electronics to provide the very best in quality and value for your security needs. We want to prevent crime, certainly, but if we can't - well, we'd like to have a hand in bringing the bad guys down.

We work closely with police in home and business security contexts of all kinds, offering our services and footage as needed to serve both you and your community. When you put us in charge of installing security cameras or monitoring your property, we take the responsibility very seriously.

Call us today for a free quote or consultation. We're ready to make your home or business secure, and we bet you'll be surprised at just how affordable it can be. Don't put your security on hold for another minute: remember, our business is your peace of mind.

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