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It's the most wonderful time of the year, as the singer tells us. Candy canes and holiday cheer aren't the only things on our minds, though: the festive season is also one of the most difficult in terms of theft and other crime for businesses around America.

While we all wish for better times to come, the chaos of Christmas is the perfect cover for many criminals to make a move on your merchandise. This sort of behavior, unfair and unseasonal, is just the thing to spoil an otherwise perfect holiday season for owners of retailers everywhere.

Need some advice? Well, we don't claim to be the three wise men, but we know the equipment and practise that will give you an edge in your effort to keep the holidays pleasant for everyone.

Security Cameras: Santa's Other Little Helpers

When it comes to security in your place of business, it takes the right tools to keep material losses to a minimum, and profits at their best. We've discussed a wide variety of cameras in previous posts, but the two most suited to an average indoor business context are the bullet camera and the dome camera.

Dome cameras are very likely the most effective piece of equipment, and the most popular, in retail. Not only are they fairly unobtrusive - for the sake of those folks who are just there to shop - but they are also recognisable enough for the potential shoplifter to see and fear. They're also an economic choice when money is tight: a few can be used to cover a wide area simply because it is so difficult to tell in which direction they are pointed, and the criminal may choose not to take their chances.

An equally effective choice is the bullet camera. In a smaller format, this technology is perfect for use as a highly visible form of crime deterrence and loss prevention. Its presence is clearly felt, and its field of view is obvious. You'll need to cover every area - particularly problem areas - with these cameras, but cutting corners usually isn't the best strategy in any case.

Working with Your Security Cameras

Cameras alone are typically only part of an overall strategy. Staff should be alert to suspicious behavior at all times, and aware of the environment in which they work. For especially high-value merchandise, it's not a bad idea to include paid security staff of one kind or another. For the most part, though, making sure that you and your employees are active observers will go a long way together with security cameras.

Keep your work environment clear and well organised, and try to arrange the facility internally so as to facilitate an open field of vision for both cameras and staff. In a very busy time of year like Christmas, don't hesitate to bring in extra staff, or to implement a security camera system if you haven't before.

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