Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Professional Security Alarm System

Components of Professional Alarm System

There is no greater security than having professional alarm system. Yes, there are systems that may come affordable but a complex system is proven to be more effective in maintaining the safety of your place. The higher chances of success concerning these professional systems can be rooted on the variety of devices used to perfect the art of deterring burglars. The following are the common components of a professional alarm system that collectively serves to bring you high end safety.

This system may include security devices. These devices serve to monitor the area for signs of irregularities. A security camera is under the umbrella of these devices. It enables the central server to have the real time video coverage of the concerned area. Laser is one too. This may be a thing with science fiction movies but it is adapted in real life already. Laser senses the presence of intruders passing through its beam making the process of detecting burglars easy. In cases of outdoor alarm system, the use of a spotlight is apparent. This spotlight may have sensors too which is triggered when a form is detected by the light in the area.

The success of the system is hugely affected by the most important ingredient of a successful alarm system – the sensors. Infrared motion, ultrasonic, microwave and glass break sensors are just some that are used by professional companies to make sure that safety is at hand. These sensors are equipped with delicate detection prowess to detect intruders. Sensors can detect inaudible sounds and even the presence of a human being with the use of heat waves.

Alerting devices are also important components of a state of the art professional security system. These devices are used to promptly alert the homeowner of the presence of an intruder. Bells, sirens and flashing light count as alerting devices. These are efficient in promptly signaling for the presence of irregularities. In addition, the sounds these devices make are enough to scare burglars to back off the area. The only drawback about these sounds is that it serves as nuisance most of the time. False alarms often draw these devices to produce sounds that are not even necessary. Yet, if it works in good condition, it will truly help a lot.

Professional alarms systems come with interconnections too. The parts of the house or establishments that are considered to be crucial are armed with connections that are headed on a central server where all of the data are transmitted and processed. In one push of a button, the whole system is alerted and that a prompt help can be accessed.

These are some of the things that make up a professional alarm system. As technology goes to make innovations, more effective devices to make up this team can even be gathered together. For those places where there is a need to really pack the security to full, this professional service can be beneficial. Reputable companies offering this kind of help are there to help you up should you need one.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Remote Alarm Responses

Different Remote Alarm Responses

There is a wide use of security alarms and cameras nowadays. The risen demands can be traced by the fact that there have been serious circumstances that may seem to call for an added security. Yet, not everyone can avail of such especially in residential areas. Primarily, not everyone has an access over these security devices which hinder them from knowing the things that it can do. There are different alarm responses that you may expect from a surveillance security system.

Remote security alarms specifically, have varied responses. A certain call for help follows a system to be able to detect whether the call for help is genuine or not. Remember, a single push of a button may already trigger the central unit run by security system companies so there is a need for validation.
Initially, once an alarm is triggered and the central monitoring system is prompted, the first action of the receiver is calling back the place where help is called. This is to make sure that there really is some serious situation in the place.

But seriously, it may not be suitable in some situations for the central system to call the premise back. This much is true when the alarm button is triggered to discretely tell the surveillance team that an intruder is present. Or else, the concerned party will be threatened. This is not a problem though. Some companies would discuss the responses to the concerned party before installation. The customer might be asked to provide different numbers that the surveillance team may contact to make sure that the call for help is genuine. This may even call for more help to finally succeed in finding the perpetrators effectively.  This is a safer choice with regards to the discretion of the transfer of call for help.

Probably, the most effective way to trigger a prompt response is the use of video surveillance camera. The owner of the establishment or residential area have nothing to worry about the situation of the area even when not around. This is because the central monitoring system gathers videos in real time on the places where security cameras are mounted. The concerned party does not have to worry about having to call for help because once the situation is detected by the central base, help will surely come on the way. There is no need to push buttons to call. There is even no need for the company to call to check if the need for help is legitimate. Even if the concerned party has no knowledge at all about the presence of intruders, help will come.

These are the common responses of remote security systems. There is a need to be knowledgeable with such to know how this alarm system may help. Having your home or business establishment armed with security devices with effective responses is indeed a big help to protect your assets and your life as well. You can never go wrong about investing on things that truly count, your safety. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tips choosing your Hybrid DVR Security Camera System

Important Tips in Choosing a Suitable Hybrid DVR Security Camera System

Are you in the market for a suitable security camera system for your home or office? If you are looking for the most updated and the most cost-effective system for your needs then why not consider a hybrid DVR system? A hybrid system is able to support analog or CCTV cameras as well as IP camera systems. Hybrid DVRs are known to offer the highest quality video recording outputs, better compression rates, larger file storage and user-friendly features. And although this kind of security surveillance system costs more, it is a cost-effective investment for your security and safety in the future. Expanding your unit using new camera or 

IP systems will surely be your next step since most security systems uses IP technology. Hybrid systems will allow you to design a security surveillance system according to your needs and expand it to the ideal surveillance system for your future needs as well. Here are some useful tips in considering the right security camera system for your business or home:

Choose the hybrid DVR with the best warranty. Since a security DVR will be working overtime to monitor and record video, there is a huge possibility of sustaining repairs and damages even when the warranty is not yet over. So technically, a longer warranty and the possibility of buying extended warranty for the product is the best hybrid DVD for your needs.

Choose professional quality systems and not just low-priced or discounted systems. This ensures that the product that you will purchase has the best quality and will continue to be effective for years to come. Paying for an expensive system today is a small price for convenience and efficient service for years to come. And when you want to expand your system with more IP cameras instead of using analog devices, you most certainly can with a hybrid DVR.

Choose a hybrid DVR with network capabilities so you will be able to use its mobile capabilities as soon as you install it. Mobile viewing is certainly more convenient since users may view their systems from their mobile phones.

Be very particular about the accessories that come with the unit. Choose complete systems that already have a built-in hard disc drive, cables and wires, remote control, mouse, etc. Choosing system with complete accessories is practical and cost effective compared to buying stand-alone devices.

Be sure to consult a company or an online website that sells hybrid DVR systems and other security surveillance systems so you can pick out the system that will work for your business or residential needs. An expert will be able to help you figure out the specs and features that you need as well as the brand that you can trust when it comes to high quality hybrid DVD performance.

     finally, read consumer reviews before you make any purchase. Reviews will help you decide on the ideal product to buy according to consumers’ first-hand experience. You can find legit reviews from online shopping sites and various consumer review sites.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Security Alarm and Camera Works Free Advice

How Security Alarm and Camera Works

The production of security alarm and cameras has been quite a buzz these days. You might have heard a lot of people crazy about installing these security items in their homes and business establishments. This is because of the outbreak of crimes that seem to be swarming almost anywhere. So to be safe, installing your very own security system would be proper. These alarm systems do not only serve to detect intruders but also threaten them before they can even begin with their dirty missions. But how does this system really works?

You need first to decide on the type of security alarm system you will avail of. There is local alarm connection, remote or a combination of both. Each type has its own way of detecting possible intruders. Here are the things it can do. Local alarm system that is able to send sound signals and the advanced monitoring with remote connections that may make use of security cameras and advanced sensors.

Local alarm connection is the simplest and probably the cheapest among security alarm systems. It does make use of signals to alert people of a threat. It includes both indoor and outdoor alarms like sirens and bells to just make the sounds of signaling a possible intrusion. The drawback of this kind of alarm system however is, it does not have monitoring system. The sound is it. It is the final say of the system to let you know if there are burglars. And possibly, it can even detect not burglars but your pets trying to climb up on the wall where you mounted the alarm.

If you would prefer serious security on the other hand, there is that remote alarm connection. As the name implies, the system makes use of a remote monitoring system which works to answer any call for help. The best thing about this type of security system is that you will always stay protected even when you are not at home. The places where your cameras are mounted are secured by a security company. Any irregularity would come to their knowledge. Even though you have not asked for help at all, you will still find help when you need it. It makes use of sensors and communication channels via phone, IP path, cellular and radio networks.

The choice is always with you on the type of security alarm to invest on. These systems share the same purpose that is to make sure that you will get the protection that you need. You cannot forever stay without the knowledge of these advanced technologies to maintain the safety of your home or office. Knowing your choices would also let you know what security system suits you. For homes with less security concerns, local alarms would do the deal. Establishments however with greater concern on safety should probably link to remote monitoring. There are differences with the cost of these two systems. In which way, you may also want to consider your budget. Whatever you choose, it is sure to give you the ounce of protection you need.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Advice on Security Alarm False Alarms St. Louis

The Most Common Causes of False Alarms and Loss of Alarm on Surveillance Devices

The use of security cameras and alarms are undeniably the number one most effective ways to prevent intruders from coming. These surveillance devices have been effectively giving the public the benefit of staying protected.  But since it comes to be a product of technology, it goes with limitations. Because of these limitations, false alarms take place. There are different causes of false alarms. Know these causes to be able to prevent it from occurring and have a lasting protection. Many Cities can and will charge you for false alarms. St. Louis, St. Charles will charge depending on the area your home or business is in.

The most common reasons for false alarms are the nuisances. It may come in the form of pests and insects coming in contact with the camera or the sensors that will then call for or create an alarm. But due also to the advancement in technology, the new wave of security cameras and alarm are set to detect the weight and size of potential risks. Should there be anything lower than the figures saved, the device will not call for an alarm.

Next is the alarm system malfunction. There are times when the connections are interfered due to circumstances such as the pulling off of plugs, lose wires and damage on the devices making up the whole surveillance system.
In remote surveillance systems on the other hand where the alarm button and cameras are connected to a central receiver, the most common problem would be loss of connection. Networks are installed by the security alarm company that may need wireless connection to operate. It is never new that due to weather disturbances, connections are sometimes affected.

Finally, the most common reason for alarms to not work effectively is the loss of battery. This is the common problem in residential areas where monitoring comes to be weak. This is so because not all households are concerned about maintaining strict security system at home. Residential places, unlike business establishments are safer places so monitoring may not be the priority of owners. Security cameras often run out of batteries without the knowledge of the owner especially if it is not checked regularly.
More often than not, false alarms or no alarms at all do not strike home owners. It is even apparent that when alarms at home are heard, homeowners may not feel the threat at all knowing that it can just be another false alarm. But this notion is wrong. It is best to see the problem before it loses it functions. Come to think about it, would you want the security personnel to not mind your alarm the next time with the thought that it is another false one? Surely, you need to see the root of the problem before you will come to regret because it did not function the moment you needed it the most.

Now that you have the knowledge of the causes of false alarm and loss of alarm, it is on your own to think about having it checked. Monitor your surveillance system regularly. It might have been housed by pests already explaining its malfunction or it might not have enough battery to perform the things it is supposed to do.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Awesome Capabilities of Latest Home and Business Security Systems

Awesome Capabilities of Latest Home and Business Security Systems

Are you thinking of using security systems for your home or your business? Do you wish to use the latest cameras, video recording devices and the latest video recording software to handle
your safety and security? Together with millions of homeowners across the nation, you have chosen to correctly defend your home and your business with the use of the latest security surveillance systems.

The latest systems will possibly solve the most common problems of most homeowners and business owners when it comes to capturing the best video under difficult conditions. Minimal
lighting, very fair source of natural light, very bright conditions, moving objects, out of range objects and so many more. Here are some of the latest in security surveillance technology from the leading brands in the industry.

High definition network cameras

Solve all the problems of blurring and zeroing in on specific target with high definition cameras. Videos are shot in HD allowing you to play your recordings in high definition equipment as well. This is ideal for monitoring in busy areas or in key areas of any business like the production line,
 in busy shops and where employees interact with customers.

Hybrid cameras and systems

You have a camera system however it still captures analog frequencies; hybrid camera solutions

may be your cost-effective solution to improve your video surveillance monitoring. You may choose from hybrid receivers, fixed HD cameras, dome HD cameras and rapid cameras. The best way to find out which hybrid solution is the best way to improve your home or business analog surveillance system is to talk to a specialist.

Suitable housing and accessories

Selecting the ideal housing and video camera accessories that will improve your system may be one of the most important parts of finding the surveillance system that will work best. There is a large variety of housings, joystick controllers to pan and tilt cameras, encoding kits, hard disk
drives, speakers, microphone systems, antennas, mounting brackets, screws and so many more. Most camera and security system brands have compatible accessories so be sure to look first in your brands official site.

New monitoring software

With new breakthroughs in surveillance systems the need to use monitoring software that will improve your equipment’s performance must be considered. There are popular brands that you may want to consider like Sony that has smart updated software which are ideal for different types of camera systems. Software often matches the type of camera and components you have so choose from Sony’s Intelligent Monitoring Software which may be applicable for 1, 2, 4, 9, 12 or even 32 security cameras.
Still sceptical about the latest security monitoring systems that you need for your home or your office? Let experts help you find the best accessories, parts and software to improve your video monitoring. There are so many sites that offer reviews of different products or surveillance components so be sure to check these out as well before you make your purchase.   

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Latest in Security Monitoring with Your Mobile Device

The Latest in Security Monitoring with Your Mobile Device

Security monitoring has gone more convenient for homeowners and business owners now that recordings captured from your video camera may be viewed directly from your mobile device. Before, you need to wait till you came home to personally check on your video recordings. A criminal may be long gone before you could ever find out his identity. But with the latest video capabilities of security monitoring systems, you will be able to view action as it happens and act accordingly.
IP cameras with built in functionality to view your recordings as they happen from an online site is just one of the many new technologies for security monitoring. Video cameras that have the ability to send signals via the web will allow users to not just view in real time but they may control the camera from their end as well. The can pan, tilt and focus the camera on a particular position and they may also view past recordings through an online interface. Users just need to log on to a site and register; they can immediately view their recordings as they happen.

Another impressive feature of IP cameras is that it can alert you immediately once an intruder is spotted. Latest electronic technology allows it to remember a set up in an area and then alert the user once there is movement or changes in the scenery. Usually, the camera owner or the manager will receive a text message with an attachment. The attachment is a snapshot of the scene along with the image of the intruder. Users may also set the device to send a message via email or through a text message to alert other people. As a user, you may either ignore the message or contact the police to check your home out. You will be able to act as soon as you can to protect your home and your family.
IP cameras are available for outdoor use or indoor use. They may have durable outer covers to resist the elements and to prevent vandals when used outdoors while indoor IP cameras have different designs. IP cameras may be as small as you want it to be so you can discretely place it in a vulnerable area in your home or business or these could be placed conspicuously in an area where crime most likely happens just like in a bus stop or in a commuters’ area.

IP cameras are also available with amazing bonus features which could also affect your overall purchase. Do you want an IP camera with impressive night vision capabilities, with pan and tilt features, with facial recognition capabilities or just a simple video monitoring. IP cameras are generally more expensive than regular type cameras but will give you the utmost peace of mind in your business and when you are away from your family and from your home. With this type of camera, your home, family and investment will certainly be protected wherever you may be.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Importance of Security Cameras with Night Vision

The Importance of Security Cameras with Night Vision

Among the many types of security cameras out there, the night vision security cameras are a must. Night vision security cameras are those security cameras that have the ability to produce clear images even at night or even in dim lighting. These cameras also have other features that make them more advanced and more effective when it comes to protecting the property, identifying culprits, etc. Security cameras with night vision are considered a must if you are buying or installing a security camera system for your home and business because of several reasons:

They are very effective and excellent for nighttime use or for areas with dim lighting. Not all security cameras out there are very effective in performing their functions especially at night. They may produce clear images in the morning or where there is sufficient light but at night or in dim lighting, they may be ineffective. But night vision security cameras are a must because as mentioned, they have the ability to produce clear images even in dim light or at night because of their wide lens, so the time of day or the lighting won’t hinder you from getting the benefits of a security camera as well as they save you money too as you don’t need to buy separate night security camera.

They are usually packed with infrared lighting technology. Some night vision security cameras have infrared lighting that cannot be seen by the human eye but a very effective feature allowing the capture of mages at night or in dim lighting. And so, these cameras are a must because they don’t really capture attention but when it comes to viewing the images produced, you can be assured that even if the images were taken at nighttime or in dim light, you will clearly know what happened and who the people involved are. This is a must because most crimes occur at night or in areas where there is dim lighting.

They are able to capture images even if there are disturbances. Most night vision security cameras are very advanced indeed as they are able to capture images even if they are exposed to environmental disturbances. In other words, even if there is harsh weather, smoke, fog, etc. in the area, the images still come out clear. Night vision security cameras are, therefore, a must since they are more effective in protecting your property no matter what time of day as well as no matter what the environmental conditions are.

All in all, security cameras with nigh visions are able to give maximum security even without spending a lot of money. In other words, you don’t need to invest a lot of money just so you can ensure the protection of your property through security cameras any time of day. In fact, you will be saving a lot of money if you make sure that your security camera has night vision because you no longer need to buy a security camera exclusively for the nighttime. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

How Can Security Cameras Protect your Home or Business?

How Can Security Cameras Protect your Home or Business?

Security cameras are widely-installed nowadays not only in businesses but also in homes, whether outside or inside. This is because security cameras are said to be able to protect your home and your business. However, since security cameras are not people, some still doubt their effectiveness when it comes to protecting your property which is why one common question is asked mostly by home and business owners: how can security cameras protect your home or business? Here are several ways on how security cameras are able to protect your home or your business:

They keep away robbers, thieves, etc. Security cameras are not people but their presence is more than enough to keep away robbers and thieves as well as other criminals from doing their work. When these crooks see that the area is full of security cameras, they will hesitate because they know they would be identified and their dirty work would be recorded. With this, your home and your business is somehow protected and kept safe because of the presence of security cameras by posing as a threat to robbers, thieves and people with bad intents.

They survey the area and record what’s going on. Some security cameras are surveillance cameras that survey the entire area and record whatever is going on in that area. This way, if ever some accidents occur and you are being wrongly accused, investigating what really happened in your home or business premises would be a lot easier because the security cameras have recorded everything that has happened. In other words, when it comes to finding out what really happened and who really was in the wrong side, security cameras play a big part. They can protect your budget from costly lawsuits filed against you because you have clear evidence of what really happened.

They identify the culprit easily. Since security cameras record everything that’s happening and survey the area, they also help you identify the culprit of the crime whether it is thievery, assault, etc. In fact, most business establishments and homes are already installing security cameras nowadays because they make it easy to find out who did the crime so even if the damage has been done already, they are assured that the suspect won’t be able to get away with it that easily. Security cameras can protect your home and business from the injustice of not finding out who did your home and business wrong.

They let you know who’s outside the house. One way that security cameras can protect your home is by letting you know who is outside the house and ringing your doorbell before you allow them access. With this, they can protect your home from being ambushed by criminals since you are not easily going to allow access to people you don’t know. In other words, they give you time to evaluate the people outside your home and ensure their identities first before letting them in.

Let Eye Spy Electronics assist you in all your security needs in the St. Louis area! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to Ensure that your Home or Business is Protected Using Security Cameras

How to Ensure that your Home or Business is Protected Using Security Cameras

There may be a lot of establishments and residential homes that have security cameras installed but not all of these businesses and homes are still able to protect themselves even with the presence of security cameras. Their homes and businesses still end up being trespassed by criminals as well as they are still unable to identify the criminals even if they have security cameras. With this, even if you are already planning to install security cameras for your home or business, you still need to be wise enough to ensure that your home and your business are indeed protected with the use of these security camera systems. How?

Install a security camera that meets your needs. You may have different home security needs than other people. For instance, if you need to monitor your babysitter at the moment to see whether she is rally taking care of your kid, then you should install a security camera that meets this need and will allow you to monitor the current happenings at home with your babysitter such as a security camera with Smartphone app. Simply installing a security camera outside the house to threaten crooks may not be effective when it comes to achieving your specific purpose.

Install a durable security camera. The reason why a lot of homeowners and business owners are still not able to protect their homes and business even with the security camera is because the security camera they install is not durable. Just a single hit and it already breaks and fails to function, giving crooks a happy time breaking in to your house and your business. Only by installing a durable security camera can you ensure you are protecting your home and business because durable security cameras are made to withstand any beatings or pressure.

Install good quality security cameras. Another reason why protection of homes and businesses are often compromised is because of poor quality security cameras in terms of the images displayed. So, even if you have security cameras, if its image quality is poor and your home is breached, there is still no way for you to find out what really happened clearly. Only by installing a good quality security camera can you really protect your home and business because good quality security cameras are the ones that produce quality images that will allow you to identify the crooks that have broken into your home.

Get a security camera with cool and very helpful features. The features of a security camera can also contribute to ensuring that your home and your business are protected well with their presence. There are cameras that are packed or equipped with very cool features like night vision, alarms, etc. and these features double the protection that is offered by traditional security cameras for your home or your business. So, by installing security cameras with cool and helpful features, you can ensure that your home and your business are really getting the maximum protection that it needs. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

What You can Get from Security Cameras with Smartphone App

What You can Get from Security Cameras with Smartphone App

One of the best things about security cameras nowadays is that they are already advanced and very high tech in features as there are also security cameras that can be connected to your smartphone through a smartphone app. Security cameras with the smartphone app are those cameras that allow you to monitor and see what the cameras see through your smartphone even if you are away. You simply install the cameras as well as install the smartphone app and then, you can already access your video surveillance system.

When it comes to installing this advanced system, usually, there are some signals you attach on walls and they allow your security camera to be connected to you smartphone so that through the smartphone app, you can already gain access to your security system and monitor your home and business while you are away.

The question is what can you get from this type of security camera?

Convenience. This is the first thing you can benefit from security cameras with smartphone; the convenience of monitoring your home and business no matter where you are. You don’t have to wait for you to get home and check out your security record just to find out what happened as it would be too late already. When you have this type of security camera, you currently see what’s going on inside the house or office just as it is happening so whatever crimes are occurring, you can easily send the police to your home.

Peace of mind. This is another thing that you can benefit from security cameras with the smartphone app. Sometimes, when you leave the house or your office, you can’t help but feel uneasy especially if you have a new housekeeper or you don’t trust the people in your office. However, if your security camera has a smartphone app wherein you can view and monitor your home and business while you are away, you are also gaining peace of mind that even if you leave the house, you can still watch out for it.

Savings. This type of security camera may prove to be more expensive than the simple security cameras but this type of security camera can also benefit your budget and allow you to save money. This is because there is no need for you to put up or buy extra equipment just so you can monitor your security system at home. You can simply use your smartphone and this can save you a lot of money as owning a smartphone lets you hit numerous birds in one stone. It allows you to connect with your family and friends at the same time, allow you to connect with your security camera system.

Considering the savings, the convenience, and most of all, the peace of mind that you can benefit from a security camera with the smartphone app, it proves that these systems are getting more and more effective when it comes to protecting your home and business no matter where you are.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

How a Security Alarm Provides Optimum Safety and Security

How a Security Alarm Provides Optimum Safety and Security

Security alarms may be the most efficient systems that can improve the security of a home or a business. It is very effective in deterring criminals and gathering information to track down intruders to help police to catch them as soon as possible. How a security alarm system does this is actually very simple.
1.     An intruder enters your home by breaking a window or prying open a patio glass door in the wee hours of the evening. Your system is in “alarm mode.”
2.     Illegal entry automatically sends a signal to the control panel of your security system.
3.     The control panel is set to call local police in your area or a central station; they in turn dispatch police near your location.

4.     Police arrives in the scene in a matter of a minute. Since there are no distracting noises and there is hardly any sign that an alarm has been tripped, police may easily catch the burglar or the trespasser in the act.
Aside from providing safety in case of intruders, a security alarm will also be able to signal for help for the following reasons:

       Fire, heat and smoke detectors have been a part of security alarm systems and in these scenarios, a system for fire, heat and smoke are installed in every room of the house especially the kitchen. When any of these are triggered, the central station is signaled. The station calls the nearest fire department, police and paramedics to the scene.

       Door and window detectors are a part of security alarms. Doors and windows that are potential entry points are the back doors, garage doors, second floor windows, patio glass doors and kitchen windows. A simple alarm that activates when any of these are opened will immediately signal central station to call for help.
A part of door and window alarms are glass break alarms that are easily activated when glass is broken or cracked using a tool or an improvised glass breaking system.

       Carbon monoxide sensors on the other hand detect the presence of this dangerous gas inside the home. This gas may accumulate as a fire place is closed, as a stove is left open or in cases when furnaces and heating systems are not properly maintained. You can never smell or taste carbon monoxide but it can cause serious lung problems. A smart security monitoring system will automatically trigger when there is carbon monoxide accumulation in the home and will even open the windows to let fresh air in.

       Finally, security cameras are integrated in any security alarm system. When motion is sensed in an area a camera will start recording. Some cameras have terrific night vision capabilities to record even on very little light source. Some systems may even call, email and text you when there is something wrong along with a snapshot of the intruder. Some high end video cameras may even call for help as soon as it detects forced entry.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

CCTV 101

CCTV 101

Have you ever felt that your business was not that secure because you were not there to watch it? Well, there are a lot of persons who have that same dilemma and are doing something about it. They are installing CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras. These cameras are a high tech solution should you be out to get something and keep your house or your business safe.

One of the things that these cameras offer is that it enables the law enforcement agencies to identify criminals who are committing serious crimes. The pictures being captured are kept inside a secure memory bank or video tape where it can be easily retrieved later on to see the faces of those who made the heinous crime. It also aids the judges and the court of law to hand down the penalty of a crime because it proves the guilt of a person without any reasonable doubt.

Pricing is an issue that most potential buyers have to deal with. This is because some cameras are priced high because of the many features it has while others are relatively cheap because it only has the key features of the camera. To be able to know which camera you will need, it is best to know what kind of place you will put the camera on. If it is a huge establishment or a large scale business, you should invest in the latest CCTV camera technology. Even though it may be a bit expensive, the security it provides will protect the entirety of your business as it allows for many locations to be placed with cameras and a huge memory bank for all the video it takes. If you have a small scale business or want to protect your own home, invest in a reasonably priced CCTV. It may not have all the features of the expensive cameras but it will afford you the same protection.

Location is important when you place your cameras. Make sure that it covers a wide space of your home or business and ensures that the photos captured will not be obstructed by anything. For example, ensure that the counter will have a lot of cameras pointed to it to be able to capture the face of the culprit in different angles to provide more detailed pictures of the criminal should it even be attacked. It can also be place inside your house or on the porch with motion sensors. This allows you to save on memory because it activates only when there is someone who is moving around. This will definitely be a plus when you are on a vacation and want to keep your house protected while you are away.

There are still more stuff about CCTV cameras that you will need to think about when you buy it. But the things stated here are the general points that all of the buyers must consider before getting one. If you are still unsure, talk to your local electronic store who provides such service and learn more to be able to know which camera will be a good fit for your needs.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

DSC and Ademco Alarm System and Monitoring Services from Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring

Alarm System and Monitoring Services from Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring

A burglar alarm which is also called security alarm, alarm system, detection system, security system, intrusion detection system, perimeter detection system and other similar terms, is a system that is intended to become aware of intrusion into your building or area.  An alarm system such as DSC Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring can be installed in residential, military, industrial and commercial properties for protection against to burglary or property damage. It can also be used for personal protection against intruders.

Furthermore, using DSC Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring, you can monitor everything and easily confirm if your business is running smoothly or not. This specific product has an automatic alarm system and when alarm occurs, you will receive a text straight to your mobile phone or an email into your email account. Wherever you are and whatever you are working at the moment, you will know the important flaws you need to know at home or in office.  In addition, you can do the next important step for your industry before it’s late. Alarms can occur when someone forcibly entered the house or office; burglars crashed the glass of your windows, etc.

Aside from receiving text messages and emails when alarm occurs, this security system also renders monitoring services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can able to see what is going on at home or in your business area because your mobile phone and laptop can help you about it through an application. You can monitor the exact time your kids went out of the house and when they come back. At the same time, you can check what your employees are doing while you are away? Are they really doing the assigned job appropriately or not? Through this security system, you need not to come to office daily to check your subordinates and this can also be a great advantage most especially if you are on a business trip, sick leave or on a vacation. It is not needed for you to call hour an hour to you officer-in-charge and ask what is going on in the company.

In other words, if you are a parent and so busy from work, it is not an excuse anymore to overlook what your kids do every now and then. Likewise, if you are a company owner or head in your office, your tasks will become easier already. You can handle or manage the company well because of the help of this Ademco and DSC Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring. Hectic schedules are lessened as well. You can have enough time for yourself and for your loved ones.

As you can see, this Digital Security Controls and Ademco Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring is very much helpful in alarm and monitoring services that you desperately need for residential, military, industrial and commercial properties for protection against to burglary or property damage. Once you have this product installed in your area, you can truly say that the money you spent for this is worthy! Feel safe and secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Protection at your Fingertips with Security Surveillance Cameras

Protection at your Fingertips

Technology nowadays is helping our law enforcers keep crime levels to a low level. This is because technology has become sophisticated and can capture bad guys on camera even if they were moving at high speeds. It can also remotely capture their images when you are away. If you want this type of protection at your fingertips, better get a CCTV camera installed in your home or business.

One of the things that CCTV cameras capture that aids the law enforcers of today’s world is a good picture of the culprits of a crime. Even if they are mounted on high speed vehicles, the cameras nowadays are still able to capture their photos and positively identify them. This is great in helping judges and policemen put criminals into custody without any problems at all.

Location of your camera is essential if you want to take full advantage of their ability to capture the scene of the crime at the time it happens. One of the most ideal places where you can put up a camera is in a corner that will allow you to see most of the area of your home or your business. One of which is close by the cashiers counter and at the far end corner where people usually are not visible to your eye. These places are ideal because it captures the scene and also the perpetrators as well as minimize the need for more cameras in the scene.

There is also an option wherein you can stream a live feed from your business establishment remotely. You can do this through our mobile phone or your television. An example of which is when you have a 24-hour business and you need to keep a close eye on it, you can hook it up to your television or to some remote storage device and play them again when you need to see what happened during those times when you were not there personally. This can also apply to your home when you are on vacation. You can simply check on your house from time to time if you feel uncomfortable leaving it through your laptop. All you need is an internet connection and you can see these things anytime you want.

Money is an issue that most people have when they obtain these cameras. This is because most people want the most advanced and most sophisticated but when they see the amount needed to obtain and maintain these devices, they turn away. There are other ways that you can get a camera with reasonable pricing yet still have the same level of protection. All you need to know first is where you will put the cameras like in a small area like your home or in a large scale location like a corporation.

These things will definitely come into play when you get a CCTV camera. But remember, no matter the cost or the reason, the protection afforded by these cameras is undeniable. You just need to know the correct camera for your needs and protection is yours.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring: Choosing the Right Alarm System

Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring: Choosing the Right Alarm System

You are a business owner, right? As a business owner, keeping your business’ safety is your big responsibility as well. How you can do it? Well, the best thing to do is to equip your industry with a security alarm such as Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring. You need to bear in mind that any security alarm system is just alright to install in your building. Considering some thoughts in choosing the right alarm system is advisable.

The very first step in choosing an alarm system is summarizing your goals. Do you desire of acquiring an alarm system that is gainful or the top-of-the-line model? Does the alarm supplier render adequate customer support to meet your necessities? How long does the security provider been into the industry? Through asking these several inquiries can let you focus on the product as well as choices that will fit your needs.

During the initial discussion, an expert in alarm system is going to visit your home or your business. This expert will offer you suggestions for the available products and then explain their uses as well as demonstrate the homeowner potential security issues surrounding their current home. While the discussion is going on, you may insert such important points to ask to the expert:

1.      The number of years they are into business.
2.      Ask if they offer fire alarm system as an added security features for a particular product.
3.      The availability of customer service.
4.      Ask if they regularly service the system to see to it that it is conforming to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Aside from questioning directly about the products and services they offer, as a company owner, there is more of it you can do. You may find time to ask the law enforcement officials of your place if they are familiar with this provider. You can also inquire from an internet revenue office if the provider is legally registered to provide service to potential customers.

After completing all these pointers, it is about time to discuss with your provider the customization of the system to be used in your building. Suppose you will choose to use the Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring, what you will enjoy are its door contacts, windows contacts, keypad, you will get called or receive an email when an alarm occurs, each employee can have their own passwords to easily track them and lastly, 10 percent from your monthly insurance is saved. So, if you will choose to have this security alarm system product, you are certain towards the safety and success of your business.

As a final point, selecting the appropriate alarm system for your business like the Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring can help you guarantee safety as well as security in adjacent to burglars, fire and other unexpected hazards. Choose the right alarm system now and do not get persuaded easily by other service providers’ tricking promises. Select the one that can meet up your needs, monitor your company the way you like it and can maintain the system. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Caught in the Action on Video Surveillance Cameras

Caught in the Act

Crime rates in a lot of countries are steadily rising. This is due to the fact that poverty in some countries is not addressed and people are resorting to these heinous acts in order to sustain themselves or just simply to do evil. This is why the invention of the CCTV (closed circuit television) camera was made. This camera is designed to detect and capture images of these evil people so that local authorities will have the chance to catch them.

These cameras have different resolutions. The more intricate and expensive the camera, the better the image being taken. But, it is not necessary that you buy the most expensive one just to get a good picture. You are able to link most of these cameras to your computer or digital TV at home and you can monitor things from there. This method is mostly preferred by people who are monitoring their businesses but cannot afford the high priced cameras.

Another form that the CCTV camera can do is the motion capture feature. Some cameras have this feature of which it only activates when there is something moving in their field of vision. This works well in houses for persons who are in vacation and cannot have someone to take care of their home while they are away. It also is used in traffic cameras to detect speeding motorists and capture their plates when they violate traffic rules.

Network cameras are also one of the multiple kinds of cameras available in the market. This camera allows you as a businessperson to monitor your business and capture digital images of the culprit in action and even in high speed movement; they can still be captured on camera without any problem. This is usually used in banks and high end business establishments as acquiring and maintaining this kind of system of cameras usually takes a lot of money. An example of this is in casinos wherein you can zoom in on any persons who you see cheating in the tables or robbing someone on a dark part of the casino.

Law enforcement agencies have found that this camera have made it possible for a lot of criminals to be put in jail. This is because the images provide proof without reasonable doubt that the person caught is the one who is in the video and doing the heinous act. It has also has a lifesaving potential of which people who are living in very shady places would like to have. If you were in an accident or in a robbery and you were gravely wounded, a CCTV camera in the right place will catch the act and also alert the right people to call an ambulance to save your life.

These are only a few of the things that you can get when you invest in a CCTV camera. If you want something that will give you the security and extra additional pair of eyes to monitor your business, this is the thing you will definitely need.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring – Security Tips St. Charles area

Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring – Security Tips


Having bounty of properties and valuables at home is a blessing to everyone. If your family is like this, other people look up to you and wish you to have more. However, not everyone have the kind heart to pray all the goodness in you. There are some who will want to take those valuables away from you and consider them as their own belongings; others will make money from them. If you have a security alarm like Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring, the whole family will feel protected or secured.


You may wonder what Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring is all about.  It is an automatic alarm system wherein the owner is allowed to have a full access to his or her properties at distant places. The customer will enjoy the following features it offers: door contacts, windows contacts, and keypad. Furthermore, you will get a call from your mobile phone or receive an email through your laptop incase alarm occurs. Each family member can also have their own password to track each other. And last but not the least, a 10% from monthly insurance is banked.


It is a fact that there are many security alarms in the market place aside from the product name mentioned above. It is normal for you to see the ads of other companies because they are also aiming for more customers to get more profit. As a potential customer, your task is to see to it you are choosing the right one. Below are a series of home security tips you need to bear in mind.


Improve the safety of the house with the following home security tips:


1.              Locking the doors is not the only thing you need to remember before going to sleep. Do not forget to close and lock windows too. The large windows are the potential entry point of burglars. So you need not to overlook on them.

2.              Always see to it that your alarm system is properly installed and armed when desired.

3.              Change the locks of the house when renters leave.

4.              Own a large dog to protect your home from burglars. Barking can discourage burglars as well as other criminals in entering the house.

5.              Do not put extra key outdoors if possible.

6.              Make sure your home address number is noticeable from the street for emergency purposes.

7.              Make friends with your neighbors because they can help you report suspicious activities from the house.

8.              Turn on at least one light on when leaving the house at night time. This will help your neighbors see what’s going on the house and can also distract the plans of criminals.


These are just a few of the many security tips you need to know. Follow these tips to secure the safety of your home whether you are around or not. And for you to have a full control of your its security, make sure you provide yourself with an alarm system like the Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring which  allows you to feel protected, stay protect all the time!

Friday, May 17, 2013

What are the Parts of a Surveillance CCTV Security System?

What are the Parts of a Surveillance CCTV Security System?

If this is your first time using a surveillance CCTV security system then you need to learn the individual components of this system. You need a complete security system to be able to provide utmost security in your home or in your office. Here are the components of a surveillance CCTV security system:

Camera – cameras may either be wired or wireless models; these may also be available depending on the camera sensor (CMOS or CCD sensors). The camera is the eye of your security system; you need to choose a camera that will meet your business or property’s needs. For example, you must choose a camera that has better or farther night vision capabilities if you are looking for a camera that will work outdoors. An indoor camera will have to be more versatile since it needs to cover more area inside a room.

Recorder or receiver – from the camera, video signals will be transmitted via wires or wireless signals to a video recorder or a receiver. This is where video data is collected and stored for future use. You should choose a receiver that has large data storage capabilities and the ability to connect to more camera systems. Generally speaking, a system that is able to save more data is more expensive. You can otherwise connect the receiver to a computer so that you may save video recordings in a larger computer hard drive.

Video monitor – most high quality systems used for monitoring large homes and business establishments have video monitors. Monitors could be as simple as a black and white CRT television to as sophisticated as a large screen high definition TV. Most new video receivers can connect to a computer so you can use your computer monitor as a video surveillance monitor. Some high end systems on the other hand are connected to the internet via IP address link so you can view recordings through an online site; this is ideal for remote monitoring of your property through your smartphone, android phone, tablet, laptop or other handy device that can connect to the internet.

Cables and connectors – your surveillance monitoring system will never be complete without cables and connectors. A wired system needs a specific gauge of RG cable wire from the video camera to the receiver as well as from the receiver to a video monitors. Connectors are also available to chain more camera units together. You may be surprised with so many types of cables and cable connectors available; each one has its own advantages depending on the needs of the user.

Internet connection – for camera systems that are capable of transmitting video data through the web, a stable internet connection is necessary. You may use your home or business internet provider or connect via modem to view your recordings online.

Your complete system also comes with mounting brackets, screws, camera housings especially when you have an outdoor/indoor camera, remote controls, camera unit chargers in some wireless units and installation discs. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Special Features of High End Security Alarm and Monitoring Systems St. Louis

Special Features of High End Security Alarm and Monitoring Systems

If you are looking for ultimate security for your home or your business then you should consider shopping for the best features of high end security alarm and monitoring systems. Gone are the days when security systems are just made up of video cameras and recording devices; now most security and monitoring systems are composed of video monitors, burglar alarms, door, windows and entry way alarms and lighting systems. There are also new and improved features that you may have thought was weird years ago but are now making different models and brand more popular.

Arm and disarming your security system St. Louis and St. Charles

High end security systems before would just be made of numbered keypads where the user can key in the arm and disarm code if he needs to. This kind of system was effective and was then hard to crack but nowadays there are more convenient and practical ways to arm and disarm home and business security systems.
The keypads are now replaced with touch screen controls plus numerical codes have become more complicated with alphanumeric codes. There are even different ways to arm and disarm systems which may either be through the touch screen panel or through a downloadable app in your smartphone, android phone or through any device that can access the internet. Most high end security systems are now connected to the web which enables users to change their custom settings, change their passwords and monitor home security better.

Security alarm with email notification

Another new and convenient way to monitor a home or a business is through using systems that offer email notifications. An intruder tries to access your home by accessing the control panels, triggering an alarm from your video cameras or tripping an alarm installed in a window or door. Smart security alarm systems will send you an email notification. (some may send text messages along with a video or a snapshot of the intruder as well). You may even set your security system to automatically call the police or notify other members of the family in case an intruder tries to enter the home.
Video or images of the intruder or the burglar may serve as video evidence so better save this in your phone or in your computer hard drive. Email notifications may also be set to send the user security updates from time to time. Users may set this in his system as well.

Energy management

Now that the cost of electricity is skyrocketing, energy management features are also in most high end security and monitoring systems. Most systems are equipped with motion detectors and sensors that will power on only when intruders or motion is detected. The system remains on standby mode until it is needed. Some security and monitoring units are connected with home automation systems that will also automatically turn off power, lights and air conditioning in a room when no movement is detected; users may also set this through an interface online or through the alarm system at home.