Thursday, May 9, 2013

Special Features of High End Security Alarm and Monitoring Systems St. Louis

Special Features of High End Security Alarm and Monitoring Systems

If you are looking for ultimate security for your home or your business then you should consider shopping for the best features of high end security alarm and monitoring systems. Gone are the days when security systems are just made up of video cameras and recording devices; now most security and monitoring systems are composed of video monitors, burglar alarms, door, windows and entry way alarms and lighting systems. There are also new and improved features that you may have thought was weird years ago but are now making different models and brand more popular.

Arm and disarming your security system St. Louis and St. Charles

High end security systems before would just be made of numbered keypads where the user can key in the arm and disarm code if he needs to. This kind of system was effective and was then hard to crack but nowadays there are more convenient and practical ways to arm and disarm home and business security systems.
The keypads are now replaced with touch screen controls plus numerical codes have become more complicated with alphanumeric codes. There are even different ways to arm and disarm systems which may either be through the touch screen panel or through a downloadable app in your smartphone, android phone or through any device that can access the internet. Most high end security systems are now connected to the web which enables users to change their custom settings, change their passwords and monitor home security better.

Security alarm with email notification

Another new and convenient way to monitor a home or a business is through using systems that offer email notifications. An intruder tries to access your home by accessing the control panels, triggering an alarm from your video cameras or tripping an alarm installed in a window or door. Smart security alarm systems will send you an email notification. (some may send text messages along with a video or a snapshot of the intruder as well). You may even set your security system to automatically call the police or notify other members of the family in case an intruder tries to enter the home.
Video or images of the intruder or the burglar may serve as video evidence so better save this in your phone or in your computer hard drive. Email notifications may also be set to send the user security updates from time to time. Users may set this in his system as well.

Energy management

Now that the cost of electricity is skyrocketing, energy management features are also in most high end security and monitoring systems. Most systems are equipped with motion detectors and sensors that will power on only when intruders or motion is detected. The system remains on standby mode until it is needed. Some security and monitoring units are connected with home automation systems that will also automatically turn off power, lights and air conditioning in a room when no movement is detected; users may also set this through an interface online or through the alarm system at home. 

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