Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Latest in Security Monitoring with Your Mobile Device

The Latest in Security Monitoring with Your Mobile Device

Security monitoring has gone more convenient for homeowners and business owners now that recordings captured from your video camera may be viewed directly from your mobile device. Before, you need to wait till you came home to personally check on your video recordings. A criminal may be long gone before you could ever find out his identity. But with the latest video capabilities of security monitoring systems, you will be able to view action as it happens and act accordingly.
IP cameras with built in functionality to view your recordings as they happen from an online site is just one of the many new technologies for security monitoring. Video cameras that have the ability to send signals via the web will allow users to not just view in real time but they may control the camera from their end as well. The can pan, tilt and focus the camera on a particular position and they may also view past recordings through an online interface. Users just need to log on to a site and register; they can immediately view their recordings as they happen.

Another impressive feature of IP cameras is that it can alert you immediately once an intruder is spotted. Latest electronic technology allows it to remember a set up in an area and then alert the user once there is movement or changes in the scenery. Usually, the camera owner or the manager will receive a text message with an attachment. The attachment is a snapshot of the scene along with the image of the intruder. Users may also set the device to send a message via email or through a text message to alert other people. As a user, you may either ignore the message or contact the police to check your home out. You will be able to act as soon as you can to protect your home and your family.
IP cameras are available for outdoor use or indoor use. They may have durable outer covers to resist the elements and to prevent vandals when used outdoors while indoor IP cameras have different designs. IP cameras may be as small as you want it to be so you can discretely place it in a vulnerable area in your home or business or these could be placed conspicuously in an area where crime most likely happens just like in a bus stop or in a commuters’ area.

IP cameras are also available with amazing bonus features which could also affect your overall purchase. Do you want an IP camera with impressive night vision capabilities, with pan and tilt features, with facial recognition capabilities or just a simple video monitoring. IP cameras are generally more expensive than regular type cameras but will give you the utmost peace of mind in your business and when you are away from your family and from your home. With this type of camera, your home, family and investment will certainly be protected wherever you may be.

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