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The best possible home security strategy combines the shell of protection provided by external perimeter security with the inner core of home intrusion responses that compose an effective interior security system.

The primary advantage of perimeter security lies in the fact that it alerts a homeowner to an intrusion before the intruder has even made it into a home. The purpose of interior security is to control the extent to which an intruder can damage, rob or inflict harm once they have entered a home.

By integrating both approaches, the conscientious homeowner can reduce both the likelihood of a successful home invasion, and the disruption caused by an intruder's entry.

FIrst Line of Defense: Perimeter Security

Let's expand on what we covered earlier this week. It begins with lighting; ensuring that your property is well lit on every side is vital to discouraging crime, and spotting the bolder criminals who choose to approach your home despite precautions. Another effective strategy involves the use of motion-activated lights: setting these high-powered devices around the perimeter of your property can scare off or illuminate trespassers very reliably. Be sure to point the lights at your own home - not your neighbors'!

Reduce clutter and extensive foliage on your property by keeping your lawn trim and clear. This cuts down on possible concealment for the home intruder. As a further precaution, carefully placed tripwires attached to noisemakers can be a huge deterrent. Don't hesitate to use fencing in particularly vulnerable areas of your property. A dog can also serve in the context of a highly integrated crime detection or prevention strategy.

Above all, be sure to install cameras in advantageous areas around your home. Position them high at likely points of approach so that they will be most likely to get a clear image of an intruder's face. Make sure that they are visible, as their simple presence will often discourage an attempt to intrude on your home. Using vandal-proof housing is frequently a wise decision as well, protecting your valuable investment from being disabled or otherwise damaged.

Second Line of Defense: Interior Security

Last week, we explored interior security; let's go a little further down that trail, and see how it can be combined with perimeter security measures for a really powerful defense.

Change your locks when purchasing a new home. Store valuables in a secure location, and make use of a safety deposit box. Hang curtains in your home to discourage window shopping. Keep an inventory and update it regularly.

When it comes to interior security equipment, consider making use of two major forms of intruder detection hardware: point of entry sensors, and internal motion sensors. A good point of entry sensor will alert you to the opening of a window or door, picking up where external monitoring leaves off. Motion sensors will further detect movement within your home. Think of these two elements as layers within a greater layer of home intrusion detection. Install a loud and shrill siren to these devices to ensure a maximum scare value to intruders.

Sometimes, all these protective measures will prove insufficient: a truly dedicated criminal will work in spite of detection to rob, damage or harm. In this case, such additional precautions as offsite monitoring and locks on interior doors will be worth their weight in gold. Have a separate phone line available in the master bedroom, and install a deadbolt on the door to this room. When a home intruder does make their way through your lines of defense, you will be adequately warned and able to wait out the time until police are alerted by your monitors.

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