Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wired Security Cameras St. Louis

The Advantages of Wired Surveillance CCTV  Security Cameras St. Louis/St. Charles MO

There are two main types of surveillance security cameras to use for a home or for business: wired and wireless security cameras. The main difference of these cameras of course is that wired cameras require cabling, connections and complicated installation while wireless cameras are free from wires and connections and installation may just take a few minutes to complete. Although it may seem like wireless surveillance security cameras are the best option to use, there are still homeowners and business owners who prefer wired camera systems. Let’s see the advantages of wired surveillance security cameras over wireless models:
  •         Stable power – a wired camera is always connected to a power source which means you get stable power every time you need it. You won’t need to worry about changing batteries or placing your system on power saving mode that can totally reduce the video capabilities of your camera system.
  •         Stable signals – your wired cameras will be connected to a recording device or to a video surveillance system where you can view and record all video footages captured by your wired cameras. With a wireless system, any physical obstructions can totally affect the transmission of signals from the camera to the receiver or video monitor.
  •         Negative interference – one of the most common problems for wireless camera systems is the possibility of interfering with other wireless devices like a modem or a wireless router. There may also be appliances and devices that can affect the signals of wireless cameras like microwave ovens and wireless phones. However there are newer 2.4 GHz devices have eliminated this problem.
  •         Better video resolutions – mostly wired cameras have better resolution and better video clarity compared to wireless cameras. There are models that have farther night vision capabilities, motion activated sensors and so many more features that you can never find in a wireless model.
  •         No more restrictions – most homeowners and business owners prefer wireless models since they believe that these cameras have no restrictions; actually wired models will never restrict  the distance covered by a surveillance camera when these use video baluns and larger Cat5 cables which provide stable video compared to regular RG58 cables.
  •         More new features – the belief that wired cameras are becoming less popular is untrue. There are better features like more video channels, more camera systems to connect to a receiver, better video features and so many more. Wired cameras are also more durable, with better-designed housing and protective features to allow you to use cameras as an outdoor surveillance system.
  •         Cheaper than wireless units – this is absolutely true; you can buy four or more channel wired camera surveillance systems with four or more camera units as well for the most affordable prices. You can also shop for the ideal features you need or how about a complete system with a receiver with a large hard drive or a system with a video monitor. You may shop online to find out amazing deals in wired surveillance systems to help you make the right choice. All these are possible with affordable wired surveillance camera systems. 
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