Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Turn Over CCTV Video Surveillance Evidence to Law Enforcement?

How to Turn Over Video Evidence to Law Enforcement?

If you do business or live in a neighborhood or community with a high crime rate then you need to protect your family or your business. And the most effective way to secure your home or your business is to us a video surveillance camera. Video may be taken via CCTV security camera indoors and outdoors to secure your home 24 hours a day and in case criminal activity happens you will be able to use your video as evidence.
Here are some tips to get your video surveillance system ready for criminals in your neighborhood and hopefully turn over video evidence to law enforcement if you need to:

  • Position your video camera/cameras to capture the best shots as evidence. If you have a convenience store then let one camera point towards the entrance or your doorway with the resolution adjusted to capture a full image of anyone entering. Another camera needs to point to the counter where most of the assault happens during armed robberies. Your entire store should be well lighted with no obstructions as the cameras record video. Make sure that you have enough hard drive memory to store all your video recordings.

  • Adding a video camera to record your parking area, the back of your store and within the store premises will be able to deter criminal activity more. There are security surveillance systems that come with 8 or even more cameras which are handy for large business establishments.

  • In offices and businesses, video cameras also help protect the business owner. In an indoor system, dome-shaped cameras are more preferred since it’s impossible to find out if the camera is pointed at any direction with the tinted glass dome. You need to strategically place these types of camera within your office so you can cover a larger area more efficiently. A large office space will need more cameras to be able to capture video evidence more effectively while a small office may only need one or two.

  • Invest in dome cameras that may be operated remotely. Most of these camera systems can record live video and have the ability to pan, tilt and to zoom. And just like camera systems in stores and business establishments, having a large hard drive memory could help manage longer recordings.

If you have been a victim of a crime, take time to review video evidence on the day and hour the crime happened. Call law enforcement and inform that you may have captured video evidence of the crime that happened in your area. If you can have a video expert review your video evidence.

It also helps when you use more means to protect your home and your business against criminal elements. A convenience store must have a measuring sticker to easily identify the height of anyone a soon as he enters, in a home adding floodlights to dark areas of your lawn or garage would help deter criminals and if you can have an expert install your camera system to be able to take advantage of the features of your complete security surveillance system. Always talk to your local law enforcement to assistance. I know in Saint Louis and Saint Charles Mo they are more than happy to tell you what they need for a conviction. This helps them do their job and helps you in the end to stop whatever trouble you are having.

Please contact Eye Spy Electronics for all your security and surveillance needs. We are here to assist in all your needs.

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