Thursday, November 25, 2010

Remote Surveillance Provides Security

Remote surveillance systems also allow owners and managers to monitor activities at a day care, and ensure employee safety. It can be a cruel world, and sometimes abductions, and even robberies occur at day cares, so it is essential to keep not only the children, but employees safe. Day cares usually close around 7 p.m., and for the employees who have to walk out of the building, it can be a stressful time if they are dealing with a bad neighborhood. Thankfully, with surveillance system in place, they know that criminals are being deterred and if something does happen, someone will be calling the police within seconds if the system is being monitored live. Remote viewing technology means that parents and owners can be the eyes in the sky at a daycare, and daycare workers can take comfort knowing that if something does happen, that they will be protected and watched over. St.Louis, St.Charles, MO

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