Monday, November 15, 2010

St.Louis/St.Charles Home Pre-wiring homes are wired for only basic services like electricity, telephone, and limited cable TV. It's not enough to take advantage of new technologies. Eye Spy Electronics can install a home wiring network that connects all the rooms in your home to a central location. From there, services like telephone, fax, and high speed internet can be routed to any room. Conveniences like satellite, digital cable, and closed circuit TV can be enjoyed wherever you choose. And because the home wiring networks we install have the future in mind, new technologies like interactive TV, digital television, and video-on-demand can easily be make part of your home and your lifestyle. Computer Network AdvantagesA computer network lets you share files, pictures, and music between computers. Great for synchronizing your laptop and desktop computers. It also lets all of your computers share high speed Internet access from services like cable modems or DSL. A printer in one room can be shared with all of the other computers in the home.More and more new devices are coming with a network connection and the ability to add more features if they are connected to a home network with Internet access. New devices like movie and music servers and hard drive based digital video recorders (DVRs) use Internet connections to retrieve program guides, video on demand (VOD) services, table of contents info and cover art as well as automatic software updates.How it worksComputer Network jacks are located throughout your home and can be on the same wall plates as your phone or TV outlets. High-speed data cable is run from each wall plate to a central panel located in a utility room or basement mechanical room. Individual cables are plugged into a network hub or switch. These devices create the link between the computers, printers, and the Internet access devices (like your cable modem or DSL modem). The individuals computers and devices are configured to "talk" to each other over the network. The jacks on the wall plates can also serve wireless access points (WAPs) so that portable devices like laptop computers can share the network services and devices.

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