Sunday, October 31, 2010

Protect People And Assets With Advanced Digital Video Solutions

Digital video surveillance tools are paramount to combating employee theft and shoplifting, as well as organized retail crime. Cameras and “public view” monitors are powerful deterrents to casual shoplifters and employee theft, especially when integrated into other loss prevention systems.

Our advanced video platforms go beyond loss prevention to support store operations and merchandising through remote access to live and recorded video. They gather people-count, POS and other types of data, and generate exception events based on activity in a camera’s field of view. The latest systems work in conjunction with EAS and other loss prevention systems to deliver a comprehensive solution to fight all types of shrink.

What if your system could play video and a voice recording as a shopper with a live tag from another retailer enters your store?

What if that same system could offer a different message, different video and different alarm as another shopper was leaving the store with an improperly deactivated tag, or with stolen merchandise?

It can – ask us how.

By connecting with other systems, you can more efficiently capture and retrieve specific incidents to determine what’s truly happening in your stores. You can bookmark video whenever certain doors are opened after hours or trigger a video recording when specially tagged merchandise is moved from one area of the store to another. If you’re using MetalPoint booster bag detection system, you can capture footage of suspected boosters and quickly distribute it to alert other locations.

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