Thursday, November 25, 2010

CCTV neccessity in Missouri childcare centers

New video surveillance is a necessity in childcare centers these days as they not only keep the children safe from injuries, accidents and other mishaps but also help to monitor their growth and development. Today childcare centers are a second home to children who have working parents. Deployment of CCTV cameras by childcare centers gives the parents a peace of mind and allows them to remotely view their children's daily activities. Furthermore, remote viewing facility that allows parents to view their child even from a distant location can definitely enhance the business of child care centers. I would not take my children to a day care unless they have security cameras. I would want a security camera system that can be viewed any where with internet connection including my I Phone with a free app. The day Care could even charge the parents that want this service. I would pay to know my children are safe.

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