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Varieties of Fire Alarm System

The first type of system is for residential applications where there are two main types of fire detection equipment: smoke detectors and heat detectors. Smoke detectors are more widely used and heat detectors are used in certain environments, such as garages, due to their lack of sensitivity to changes in temperature and dust.

The two types of smoke detectors that Eye Spy Electronics uses are photoelectric and ionization. Photoelectric devices detect smoke particles in the air by bouncing light off of the particles. Less expensive ionic devices work by ionizing the air in the detection chamber and measuring the voltage across the chamber. When smoke enters the chamber, the voltage level drops and is detected.

Typically photoelectric detectors are more responsive to the type of smoke emitted from burning household items. The smoke is actually a little bit darker in home fires. Heat detectors are not typically used as life safety devices for evacuation purposes, but are used more commonly for property protection.

Why Install a Fire Alarm in Your Home?

The biggest reason for having a fire alarm installed is for life safety protection. You want to make sure that, in the event of a fire, your family and can get out of the home with ample time. Fire alarms are also used for property protection.

The time it would take for a neighbor to see smoke coming out of your house is drastically longer than the amount of time it would take for a fire alarm to go off. The fire department can be notified much more quickly if there is a fire alarm installed and we all know that in the

Benefits of an Eye Spy Electronics Fire Alarm System

When you have a fire alarm system installed by Eye Spy Electronics, there are several benefits in addition to smoke detection. Many of us have smoke detectors in our homes already that are typically battery operated. And we’ve probably all had the low battery signal chirping at us from time to time in the middle of the night. Smoke detectors are controlled from our main control panel. The battery resides in the panel and one single battery runs the entire system. Your alarm panel will recognize when the battery is getting low making maintenance much more user-friendly.

Another advantage to St. Louis/Eye Spy Electroncs is that we have alarm monitoring available. Fire alarms work really well beeping and squeaking and getting everybody out of the house, but if you do have a fire and there is no one home to hear the beeping and squeaking, then the fire will burn longer – until a neighbor notices the smoke. If your fire alarm system is monitored by a central station, we gain the ability to respond to an alarm even if no one is home.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

The second type of system is for commercial applications. The detection devices that we use are similar to residential equipment; however, there are a few additions. Pull stations are manual action devices usually located by building exits that will trigger the fire alarm. Horn strobes are also used for audible notification of fire alarm. This is biggest difference between a residential and a commercial fire alarm: evacuation and notification. These warnings use horn strobes, sounders and voice-command evacuation depending upon local, state national, or other governing agency requirements.

We install and service two types of commercial systems: required and non-required. Certain buildings being constructed or remodeled are automatically required to have a fire system installed. These required systems have to go through submissions with the fire department to be approved.

Two types of required systems are partial and full. Partial systems allow for only partial coverage in certain areas of the building. For example, you may not be required to place alarms in private offices where individual alarm systems could be installed. Full coverage is just that; every required room usually within a 30-foot space must have a smoke detector. This can lead to needing a very large system very quickly.

Even if a building isn’t required to have a fire alarm installed, most property owners choose to purchase a system that will help protect lives and property and that may even help decrease their insurance costs.

Another advantage to Eye Spy fire alarms is having monitoring available for commercial applications. We can monitor suppression systems, such as sprinkler or chemical fire suppression systems, along with your fire detection system.

Vesda Fire Alarm Systems

Eye Spy Electronics Fire & Security has also deployed VESDA fire alarms. VESDA stands for “Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus.” Rather than being a reactive system that waits for smoke to reach the detector, this system constantly samples the air by piping it back to the main sensor so it can be processed. VESDA is much more effective for very sensitive applications, such as computer server rooms, theaters or other large spaces.



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