Monday, April 4, 2011

A Video Door Intercom System

A video door intercom system in St.Louis installed inside a building enables you to communicate with people in the other rooms. Wireless door intercom systems that are equipped for two-way communication, lets you speak to visitors on the other side of the door without having to open it.

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Types of video door intercom system

A video door intercom system is easy to install because there are no wires to cut, join or install in the house or at office. In fact, you can start using these systems immediately after plugging them in an electrical power source. Let’s take a look at some of the various types of wireless door intercoms.

1. Door Intercom: Wireless intercom systems offering two-door station units and one master unit are available and are useful in establishments with two entrances. Some users prefer wireless intercom systems that offer a one-door station unit and two master units. The door station unit is shared by two users, each using a master unit of their own.

2. Video Wireless Intercoms: Wireless door intercom systems equipped with a video camera can also be used to identify a visitor. When a visitor presses the doorbell button, it activates the camera which starts taking images of the visitor. The camera is connected to the door station unit. The door station unit sends these images to the master station, where you can view them on a screen while talking to the visitor. This system works as if it is a wireless security camera that is capable of handling conversations as well.

3. Baby Monitor: A type of one-way intercoms are called baby monitors,
which are used to monitor babies. These are installed near the baby’s crib and is sensitive to audio. Whenever a sleeping child makes a noise, the intercom signals an alert.

4. Outdoor Wireless Intercoms: Wireless intercoms can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Outdoor wireless intercoms have an effective range of up to 4 miles. The master unit is installed in the house or office. On a field trip, you can use a hand-held, outdoor wireless intercom unit, so you can talk to your assistant at the office, or any person in your house to keep yourself informed.

Wireless instruments such as cordless phones, wireless data networks or audio speakers in offices or households and electrical instruments, such as motors, can interfere with your wireless intercom system.Whenever you use a video door intercom system, radio signals are transmitted back and forth between the door or master unit. These radio signals can be captured using a scanner. A scanner is a radio device that is used to receive radio signals and can be used to eavesdrop on one’s conversation.

Wireless instruments that operate on the same radio frequency, as your wireless intercom can be used for listening to conversations. There are some intercoms that use 900 MHz radio frequency band to transmit and receive radio signals. These intercoms use digital technology to make listening into your conversation difficult.

The installation of video door intercom system for apartments can deter or prevent burglary, so that you can enjoy the safety of your home and family forever. Please call or email for information.



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