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Why Do I Need a Quality Smoke Detector?

Here are a few sobering facts from the National Fire Protection Association:

Approximately 3000 people die each year in house fires in the US alone. About two thirds of these deaths result when no smoke detector is in place, or smoke detectors are not working properly. A further 13000 individuals have been injured in a single year due to house fires.

Very often, disabled smoke detectors have had their batteries removed intentionally, in an effort to prevent nuisance alarms. Inadequate power supply can also be a major reason behind disabled smoke detectors. Operation on batteries alone can result in a dead detector, and no alarm in the crucial moment.

Over the course of 2007 and 2008, surveys were conducted that revealed that 67% of American homes were protected by battery-powered detectors only - and only 12% were aware that the devices should be replaced every ten years.

In house fire situations, only 75% of battery powered alarms functioned properly, while 91% of hard-wired detectors sounded their alarm. Interconnected alarm systems that span floors also increase safety.

US fire departments respond to over 350000 house fire alarms each year. Approximately eight people die in these fires each and every day!

What's the Difference Between Battery and Wired?

A battery will eventually run out. It is also highly vulnerable to becoming loose or otherwise positioned improperly. Even when a battery-powered alarm does sound, it can run out and cease to sound.

Wired smoke detectors can be interconnected across rooms and floors. When fire strikes, the alarm can be sounded across an entire home or apartment building instead of in isolation.

Wired detectors are also equipped with a backup battery power source! In the worst-case scenario, if a home's electric line is compromised, the alarm will still sound.

Many people choose to install a battery-powered smoke detector because of its ease of maintenance. Wired detectors must be disassembled from the wall or ceiling, whereas battery-powered detectors can be snapped or unscrewed from their position and dealt with as a single piece.

Smoke Detectors and Eye Spy Electronics

Better smoke detectors may come at a slightly heftier price, but how can a value be placed upon peace of mind and home security?

At Eye Spy Electronics, we offer a range of Fire-Lite products, from conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels to FireWatch communicators and audio evacuation systems.

And, of course, we do sell and install smoke detectors!

We also offer free quotes on all systems and installations, and offer maintenance support to compliment initial setup. We know our products inside and out, and will be glad to help you identify the products and services best suited to your needs and budget.

When you enlist our dedicated team and purchase our top quality hardware, you know you're in good hands. Contact us today for your free quote. Let's make your home fire safe!

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