Tuesday, October 2, 2012


St.Louis Union Station Criminal Caught on Security CameraIt's a sad fact, but some people will steal just about anything. While most of us think that stolen property is more likely to consist of things like expensive electronics, cars, money, jewelry or other important items, in this case it was a piece of a city's history that proved to be very desirable.

In St. Louis, thieves thought city history was the perfect thing to steal. According to officials at the St. Louis Union Station, thieves stole pieces off of the Grand Hall Staircase last Saturday as the downtown St. Patrick's Day parade was coming to a close.

Surveillance images have been released of the suspects caught in the act. Officials believe that a group of people came into the station to use the bathroom and made off with the pieces. The pieces stolen consist of two out of the four decorative tops, or finials, on the railings.

"They can't be replaced, because you can't replace the history," says Frances Percich, a spokesperson for the St. Louis Union Station.

The theft, thankfully, was caught on the station's security cameras and shows a group of people talking on the staircase. A closer look reveals a man with glasses holding one of the brass and gold leaf finials in his hands.

"So we assume they weren't talking, they were working on getting them loose and off. And we're asking for them back," Percich stated.

St. Louis authorities have taken precautions at Union Station to ensure that this does not happen again. As authorities and Union Station officials consider manufacturing replacements for the finials, they still hope they will not have to. A surprising fact is that even though police are investigating the theft, Union Station officials are not interested in any punishment, they simply want the finials returned, no questions asked.

Percich added, "So I'm begging the community for help. If you notice these people, if you are one of these people, please give us back our history. We want our finials back."

Anybody with information on the suspects or the finials is said to call the St. Louis Union Station at 314-421-6655 or the St. Louis Police at 314-231-1212. You may also report in anonymously by contacting CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS.

Source: - Thieves steal part of historic Union Station, what a shame!

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  1. Very nice security blog.
    St.Louis is a great city but crime is at a very high rate.

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