Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Business Without Fear


A man in Newark has discovered how video surveillance can be effective in apprehending criminals and keeping our streets safer, first hand. Zakery Neldon is a 19-year-old young man who was identified with the help of a convenience store surveillance camera and has since been charged with rape, kidnapping, and robbery. The camera footage was vital to finding and identifying Neldon, and using a combination of footage from several area businesses, the police were able to piece together what happened on the day where he followed and sexually assaulted a local high school student. The police were also able to get a facial shot from one of the cameras, which helped them to positively identify him.

Police are not always so lucky as to get a view of suspects' faces in video surveillance, but the effectiveness of cameras is not dependent upon seeing peoples' faces - the way they walk or the clothes they wear can be very helpful to police, and by using a combination of surveillance from several stores or homes, police can track the movements of a suspect to figure out where they were and when, which can be vital to investigations.

Cameras and other security equipment are not only to help investigations of events that occur outside of a business, though - they can keep your business safe from internal theft. The use of external systems can set off alarms to alert you and/or the police of a break-in; camera equipment can deter people from attempting robbery, or can help to apprehend them and recover stolen items if they do rob a business. Another major issue that is often ignored is internal security: It is estimated that 70% of theft in small businesses occurs from the inside - employees stealing from right under the noses of the owners! Security equipment such as video surveillance inside the building can go a long ways in deterring potential thieves, and can catch them if they do steal from the business.

Security systems can help you to prevent theft and keep you and your employees safer. Eye Spy Electronics can provide you with the systems that you need to help you to secure your business. We can provide hardware and installation to upgrade your security, keep you safe, and protect your goods. Contact us today by phone (877-821-4880) or by email ( - we can provide you with a free quote, discuss your best options for security, and we provide an excellent selection of security equipment to suit your needs.

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