Tuesday, February 5, 2013


A Crime Without Electronic Witness

On September 23rd, 2012, several young people stepped outside of Club V.I.P. in East St. Louis to settle a dispute over dance partners. Within minutes, shots were fired, leaving three dead and two wounded.

Security guards were present, but not nearby. Police indicated that without security camera footage, it would be difficult to lay charges. Currently, although three were detained after the shootings, no arrests have been made.

Folks, this is a situation where three young people have lost their lives - Alonzo Phifer, 18; Henry Byrd III, 21; and an unnamed 20-year-old. Two were also wounded. It seems obvious that although no one is blameless in an exchange of fire like this, there needs to be some sort of closure for the families of the victims - and consequences for those who perpetrated the crimes.

Club V.I.P. had no security cameras that we're aware of. In a situation like this, not only could the murders have been deterred by the presence of visible surveillance, but the criminals could have been brought to justice.

Cameras Can Save Lives

When surveillance is obvious and in a visible location, potential criminals might think twice before committing an act which they will never be able to take back. Hot tempers can be quelled by the knowledge that one's actions are being monitored and recorded by a camera. If temper takes control, however, the crime can still be resolved after the fact by pinpointing those responsible and bringing them their due.

In this situation, there are three lives that might have been spared by the presence of visible security. What a horrifying trade-off - a few dollars saved by the club in exchange for three promising young lives. And the club itself will suffer, too - reputation leaves a permanent mark, for better or for worse.

With the installation of security cameras in public and even private locations, prominently displayed, violent crime - the apex of our fears - can be averted. This can help us live our lives in peace, comfort and with a sense of safety. Although much of the time it's easy to think of surveillance as a helpful tool only after something bad has happened, it can be a powerful force for prevention.

Not only are cameras a good idea in public places such as businesses, parks and busy venues - they can also help to ease our minds when placed in and around our homes and neighborhoods. You can help prevent crime in your own backyard and around your place of business, simply by installing the appropriate deterrents!

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