Sunday, March 31, 2013

DSC Burglar Alarm Commercial/Residential

DSC offers wired and wireless security alarm systems for both commercial and residential use. It also offers 24/7 monitoring. They have a wide variety of products that they offer to their customers which include security cameras and security alarms. The solution that they give to their customers may vary according to their customer’s needs. DSC is one of the most trusted and leading brands when it comes to providing security for both your home, business in the St. Louis/St. Charles MO area.
Here are some of the products that they are offering:

DSC Maxsys 4020
This model is an advanced version which is derived from their line of product known as the Power Series. The DSC Maxsys 4020 is ideal for large commercial building, large homes and industrial buildings. It has the capacity of operating using 16 zones which later on can be expanded to 128 zones with the use of expansion cards. It offers up to 8 area partitions and has the ability of generating a maximum of 1500 user codes. These entry codes can be given to each employee so that they will have their own code when entering and leaving the premise, this way, you can monitor who goes in and out of the building. The uniqueness of this model has something to do with its capability of integrating a control for door access in a building which can be added into the system at a very affordable price compared to the price that you will need to spend should you decide to purchase a door access system that is standalone with features that are basically the same as what Maxsys 4020 is offering.

DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm System
This model is a two way alarm system that is wireless and is distributed. It uses different core components that are segregated. The control panel that it uses is separate from the system keypads that are included in the package. This is the only product being offered by DSC that has fully wireless keypads as well as sirens. It has the ability of operating up to 32 zones that are wireless and includes two I/O which can be used either as an output that can be programmed or as an input for hardwired zones.

DSC Impassa Wireless Alarm System
This model is a two way alarm system that is wireless and is self-contained. Included in the package are keypads and sirens that have full wireless capabilities just like the ones being used by DSC Alexor. It offers a maximum of 32 zones that are wireless and can generate up to 16 codes for users.
The above mentioned products are just some of the wide variations of alarm system that DSC is offering. Since security should always be our number one priority, with the different crimes that are happening, we should all be wary and take extra care. Installation of security cameras and security alarms around your home and business is a must in order to ensure that both your home and business are still being monitored even if you’re not around. 

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