Sunday, December 30, 2012

St. Charles City is offering grants for security cameras

  The City Mayor of St. Charles is asking business owners on Main Street to invest in their own security cameras.
This will increase security for all the businesses in St. Charles as well as assisting law enforcement with arresting the law breakers.
It’s just one of several suggestions to help decrease crime in the downtown area.
Mayor Sally Faith told shop owners the cameras are a good deterrent. Each would cost about $1,000.
The cameras would not be monitored by police, or tie into their system, but if something should happen, police could use evidence from those cameras.
One business owner likes the idea, but thinks it puts too much of a burden on the business owners.
“I think one of the things is putting the responsibility back on us,” said Julie Brack of Cobblestone Cottage.
I see this can be a win for the business owners. With the grants the equipment would be owned by each business. They could add as many cameras as they need with no one telling them what they can and can't do.
Mayor Faith said the city will offer 10 $500 grants to help pay for cameras.
Eye Spy Electronics will offer a 10% discount to all the businesses in St. Charles that uses these grants to help this great area.
If the City is offering money why not take the money and help protect your area.
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