Friday, October 19, 2012


Crime by Numbers

There's a reason why so many home and small business owners are turning to security equipment - such as security cameras and alarm systems - in St. Louis. It's not a secret, either: St. Louis has the highest overall crime rate of any city in the USA.

We're going to let the numbers speak for themselves.

St. Louis, of every city in the United States, has the highest rate of violent crime, and the second-highest rate of property crime, after Detroit. Every year, 1,747 individuals fall victim to acts of violence; every year, 7,694 articles of property are damaged or destroyed. All this in a population of just 355,151!

That's one out of every two hundred people being harmed in some way each year, and more than one out of every fifty people losing their property to criminal activity.

41 of us lose our lives each year to murder or nonnegligent manslaughter. 53 of the most vulnerable members of our society endure rape. And a staggering 1055 inhabitants of our home city are beaten, stabbed, shot or otherwise assaulted.

It's not just us who are at risk, though - our very possessions are at the mercy of the criminal without effective security measures.

1,037 of our homes are broken into and looted each year. 1,835 acts of theft are committed against our businesses, and 676 motor vehicles are stolen from their rightful owners.

The numbers are steep, and our position is challenging. With statistics like these, what can we possibly do to protect ourselves, our families and our property?

Solving the Equation

Even the safest neighborhoods are not immune to crime. There is nowhere, in St. Louis or elsewhere, that mankind does not at some point exhibit its dark underbelly. We implement public policing and various policies to prevent and punish the acts of violence and destruction, but we haven't put an end to wrongdoing just yet.

One thing you can do to reduce your chance of becoming a victim is to have a surveillance camera system put into place at your home or business. A criminal who knows that they are being observed and recorded is much less likely to commit an irrevocable act of crime.

US police departments have reported drops in the crime rate of between 17 and 36 percent after the installation of public CCTV systems, particularly when combined with existing law enforcement presence. In a home security context, security cameras build a ring of protective monitoring - something which the would-be criminal sees and takes into account.

When it comes to resolving crimes that do take place, a camera is a vocal witness against those responsible. When harm is done to someone or their property, the camera makes sure that the perpetrator is seen - and, hopefully, captured.

Eye Spy Protects You

Here at Eye Spy Electronics and More, we offer the widest range of cutting edge technology in crime prevention and resolution. We work hand in hand with police agencies when it comes time to pursue an investigation, or litigate against an offender.

Our selection of cameras and home security systems give you the drop on potential crimes. We can help you turn your home and business into bastions of safety in an uncertain world.

From visible property surveillance to hidden indoor cameras, from burglar alarms and monitoring services to mobile camera units, we cover every security need you have. We have equipment designed for every application, and provide installation services as well.

Contact us today to consult with us. We'll gladly give you our advice - and our products and services come at a very affordable rate, too!

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